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Join author Christopher Long on his journey from mosh pits to missions fields in the pages of his fascinating new book, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Stories of Fast Times and Faith, From the Show Biz Guru. (5.13.14 / Digital Books International)

Remaining true to his colorful reputation, this lively 2014 follow-up to Long's popular 2012 release C'MON! delivers the same engaging, conversational style that continues to make his "Show Biz Guru" website a popular Internet destination.

SHOUT IT OUT LOUD reunites Long with cartoonist Wendrell Tillett who once again contributes oodles of hilarious illustrations into the mix, making for a reading experience that's both inspirational and entertaining.

Author Christopher Long
Co-author Bryan Dumas
Also joining Long's team this time around is Bryan Dumas, the band and music school director at Word of Life Center, located in Shreveport, Louisiana. In 2012, Dumas came on on board as a content consultant for Long's website. His full-time career in Christian ministry, extensive knowledge of Scriptures, 35-year music industry background and lifelong friendship with Long makes Dumas the ideal co-author for SHOUT IT OUT LOUD.

In addition to a personal foreword from outspoken Canadian author, Brent Jensen (No Sleep 'Til Sudbury / Leftover People), SHOUT IT OUT LOUD also is packed with photos from Long's vast personal collection.

Original illustrations by Wendrell Tillett.

  • Long's hilarious tales of teenage hijinks as an (aging rocker) adult leader on various Christian youth excursions.
  • Riveting first-hand accounts of Long's experiences in overseas missionary fields.
  • Compelling commentary on current social and pop culture trends.
  • Inspirational words of hope and encouragement that will break down the walls of religion and engage readers of all ages.

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"This is a well-written testimonial
and I highly recommend it. I'm
now a Christopher Long fan!"
-Dr. Larry Ollison
(Author of The Paradise of God,
"Christopher Long is the most
interesting man in the world!"
-Kevin Thunder
(The Will and Thunder Radio Show)
"Chris has lived on both sides dark
and light. His story is refreshingly real
and his enthusiasm contagious."
-Creston Mapes
(Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of
Sky ZonePoison TownFear Has a Name)
"Long's style crosses boundaries.
No matter what your faith,
don't pass this guy up!"
-Angela Moxon
"Everything Chris Long writes
is a product of who he is, and
what he stands for. If you're like
me, you will enjoy the unique
flavor of writing with which
God has gifted him."
-Corey Goolsby
(Bethel School of Supernatural
Ministry / Redding, CA)
"No matter what Christopher Long
writes, it's gold. Always a perfect
balance between entertaining and
this is gonna change my life forever."
-Carlia Alderman
(Praise and Worship Team /
  East Coast Christian Center /
Merritt Island, FL)


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Original illustrations by
cartoonist Wendrell Tillett

Author Christopher Long with
cartoonist Wendrell Tillett and family.
Cover concept and
design by C.G. Jenkins
(Squeegie Studios)

Author Christopher Long with graphics
guru C.G. "Squeegie" Jenkins.

Also from author
Christopher Long...

C'MON! -

(Coming April 7, 2019)


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