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My Story of Rock,
Ruin and Revelation
(5th Anniversary Edition)
- Christopher Long -
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When I sat down to write C'MON! back in 2011, I had no idea that my first faith-based book, would be so well-received. It's been incredibly rewarding and truly humbling to hear how my personal story has touched the lives of others.

"Chris' story is refreshingly real
and his enthusiasm  contagious."
-Creston Mapes
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of 
Sky Zone / Poison Town / Fear Has a Name

In addition to my other published books, I'm currently developing another two, soon-to-be released titles, while also contributing reviews, features and short stories consistently to various publications. However, I believe that C'MON! remains my best work to date.

"I recommend this book to
anyone who thinks their life
can't change. There is hope!"
-Angela Moxon

As a result, I'm extremely excited about the book's fifth anniversary. And to commemorate this milestone, I've released this special revised 5th Anniversary Edition.

This updated and expanded release offers personal stories and commentary NOT included in the original version, in addition to a brand new, full-length closing chapter. But wait, THERE'S MORE! This new deluxe edition is also packed with dozens (and dozens) of full-color photos from my private collection — many of which were NOT included previously.

"Well written with a dose
of self-deprecating humor."
-Beth Lynne

Now here's the kicker. I'm offering this 5th Anniversary Edition of C'MON! to readers absolutely FREE, right here on my Show Biz Guru website. Just scroll down to the Table of Contents section below, click on the desired chapter, and enjoy!

"Long has dished up something
akin to the rock and roll version of
The Cross and the Switchblade!"
-Gail Worley
Rock Critic at Large / WorleyGig.com

I invite all readers to join me on my amazing journey. Even if you've read my story already, I guarantee that you'll experience something fresh in this updated edition. PLUS, it's FREE — so spread the word! 

My Story of Rock,
Ruin and Revelation
(5th Anniversary Edition)

Dedication / Foreword / Introduction / Prologue

01. Genie in the Bottle
02. Under the Influence
03. The Initiation
04. Trial and Error
05. We're Not Joking...
06. The Next Big Thing
07. Life, Death and Butterscotch Pudding
08. Game Changer
09. Ice Cream Cake
10. Damascus Road
11. Adrenaline Rush
12. Weapon of Choice
13. The Final Cut
14. 5th Anniversary Follow-Up

*The original 2012 edition of C'MON! is available NOW on Amazon!

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