Raised in Missouri’s Ozark 
Mountains and on Florida’s 
sandy beaches, Christopher Long 
is an author, show biz analyst, 
entertainment personality and
rising name in Christian ministry.

Long first was lured into the professional entertainment world at age 15 when he promoted a local rock concert event as a student government project in 1978. By the 1990s he was involved with bringing various top-name acts to clubs and concert stages throughout Florida’s Space Coast.

From 1985-1997, Long also was the frontman for the outrageous, Florida-based, award-winning rock act Dead Serios. The band scored a college radio hit in 1989 with the rap / metal single, “Butterbean Queen," and were featured in such magazines as Billboard and Thrasher. 

Long (L) with Dead Serios in 1989.
In the early 2000s, Long began establishing his reputation as a music journalist — contributing reviews, interviews and features to various print and online publications.

Based on his personal 20-year relationship with the multi-platinum-selling band, Poison, Long’s debut book, A SHOT OF POISON, arrived in stores on April 1, 2010. By July, the salacious tell-all ranked among Amazon’s top rock titles.

Following his spiritual awakening later in 2010, Long began developing his next writing project. Combining accounts of his personal experiences in the entertainment world with a bold Christian message, Long’s second book, C’MON! - My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation, was released on January 17, 2012 and it quickly became a popular faith-based Kindle title.  

In June 2012, Long received his first degree in Theology from East Coast Christian University, located in Merritt Island, Florida. By year’s end he had attended the annual BigStuf Christian youth conference in Daytona Beach and had participated in his first of many international missionary trips. In 2013, Long received his AA degree in Theology, also from East Coast Christian University, and served as a ministry leader for the week-long Untamed youth camp in Gainsville, Florida. Long's third book, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Stories of Fast Times and Faith, From the Show Biz Guru, was released in May 2014.

From book signings to music-related events to charity fundraisers to countless church happenings, Long juggles a hectic, year 'round schedule. He continues to contribute lively entertainment, political and faith-based content to various publications, including

Entitled, SUPERSTAR, Long's fourth book currently is in development and tentatively is set for a 2016 release.

Christopher Long lives on Florida's east coast near Cocoa Beach and currently attends Central Life Church in Indialantic, Florida.


  1. God bless you, Chris!

    1. before he made it on the coast he was a close friend of mine in Orlando and we would hang out and listen to kiss( somtimes dressing the parts playing and old tennis racket ) I still LMAO just remembering.
      You were always genuine Chris