Christopher Long

A successful author and established show biz analyst, Christopher Long also is an award-winning musician, entertainment personality, radio host and missionary. Known for his conversational, common sense writing style, Long is passionate about sharing the "Good News" of Jesus Christ through his unique and compelling stories.

Christopher Long at 2019 Missouri book signing.
The author of three non-fiction titles, A SHOT OF POISON (CG Publishing 2010), C’MON! (Digital Books International 2012) and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD (Digital Books International 2014), Long released his Christian fiction debut, SUPERSTAR, via Moonshine Cove Publishing on April 7, 2019.  Long also contributes lively content to such entertainment news outlets as and

Christopher Long (center) onstage in 2018 with
his award-winning hard rock band, Dead Serios.
As a popular special events DJ, Long often can be found in an array of party settings throughout Florida's east coast, and on various concert stages rocking the mic with his wild, award-winning band, Dead Serios and playing drums his new country combo, Blue Diamond.

When not writing or performing, Long has enjoyed an active role in missions work and youth ministry.  His new classic rock radio show, POWER ROCK 2.0 with Christopher Long is expected to launch in 2019.

Christopher Long during 2014
Nicaragua missionary trip. 
Raised in Missouri's rugged Ozark Mountains and on Florida's sunny Space Coast, Christopher Long currently lives near Cocoa Beach, where he attends CenterPointe Church


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  1. God bless you, Chris!

    1. before he made it on the coast he was a close friend of mine in Orlando and we would hang out and listen to kiss( somtimes dressing the parts playing and old tennis racket ) I still LMAO just remembering.
      You were always genuine Chris