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NIGHT OF THE CLASSICS: Recreating Vintage Rock

Recreating Vintage Rock

Concert ticket prices continue 
to soar, while more and more 
legendary artists are touring 
less and less frequently  
if at all. Hence, live rock and 
roll tribute productions have 
become wildly popular among 
fans in recent years.

With award-winning singer / guitarist Adam Sikora leading the charge, the southeast production upstart, Night of the Classics first launched on Florida's Space Coast in 2013. Since then, NOTC has staged several successful events that have brought the classic music of such legendary artists as Pink Floyd and The Beatles to thousands of enthusiasts.

In an exclusive interview with "The Show Biz Guru," Sikora recently shared his passion for vintage rock and roll, as well as his enthusiasm for producing NOTC concerts  including the upcoming "day of Woodstock" at Cocoa, Florida's Cocoa Village Amphitheater on March 7th.

Adam Sikora
Nick Hildyard
"My goal for Night of the Classics 
is to keep doing shows more 
frequently and to eventually 
bring the recreation of these 
great bands across the nation."
-Adam Sikora

Night of the Classics presents 
the music of The Beatles.
Brandon Rapone
However, Sikora was particularly jazzed about his next NOTC production. Pairing the classic crunch of AC/DC with timeless tracks from Led Zeppelin, the event takes place at The Gleason Performing Arts Center on the campus of the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne on Friday, January 23rd. The group's lineup will once again feature members of such popular Florida-based bands as Red Tide and Hot Pink, PLUS, internationally-known frontman Nick Hildyard. Tickets are affordable — ranging from $15-$20.  Doors open at 6pm and the show kicks off with a bang at 7pm.

Sikora's long-term vision is bold, but Night of the Classics already has a proven track record. And given his outfit's current popularity, the future appears bright, indeed.

-Christopher Long
(January 2015)

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