Monday, January 30, 2012


Today's Theme:
It’s amazing what I’ve seen
throughout 28 years of working
in the wedding business. The
 ceremonies and receptions to
which I’ve been connected
have all possessed a degree of
personalized charm. However,
some affairs have been a bit
more unique. In Florida, that
typically means variations of
casual outdoor beach-type 
themes. But I also have been 
involved with a few weddings
over the years that have
taken the theme concept
to a whole new dimension.

I’ve mentioned previously, examples of these types of celebrations, such as the full-on Disney theme wedding in the ‘90s and the Star Wars theme wedding in the early 2000s. I recently DJ’d a 1950s theme reception, and this one was a lot fun. From the era-appropriate attire of the guests (poodle skirts with bobby socks and pompadours with black leather jackets) to the wall-to-wall decorations to the very specific playlist, I felt as if I was on the set of a taping of the TV show, Happy Days. It was well-planned, well-executed and most importantly, the dance floor was packed ALL night. In short, it was one of my all-time favorite gigs!

About ten years ago I was hired to DJ a medieval theme wedding and reception. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what that would entail. Initially, I thought that there would be theme-related decorations and that perhaps the wait staff would be appropriately attired. And that certainly was the case. However, I quickly discovered that the bride and groom took this particular theme very seriously. I noticed guests dressed as maidens and peasants arriving at the ceremony, which was held in a grand Catholic church with an Elizabethan feel. During the nuptials, the priest spoke as if he too were from the era, posing such questions as, “Doth thou Biff from the village of Fort Lauderdale taketh thy Lady Ashley of Palm Beach to be-est thou-est Princess,” or something to that effect, to which the groom replied, “Yes. I certainly do, my lord.” At the reception, knives, forks and spoons were non-existent. Guests all devoured the legs of various roasted animals with their bare hands. I don’t recall that a jousting took place, however, nearly every other detail was extremely theme-oriented. And the 100+ guests all seemed to have a marvelous time as they danced and partied the night away to the authentic medieval sounds of “The Macarena,” “Gettin’ Jiggy with It” and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”

Who doesn't love flappers?
Another such wedding I DJ’d occurred in 2005. It had a 1920s-style gangster theme. Women wore flapper-type out- fits and the men came dressed as gangsters  — with pinstriped suits, fedoras and all. A couple of guys even carried toy machine guns inside of violin cases. This one was truly a lot of fun. In fact, the bride and groom cautioned guests in the invitations that they had better RSVP, ASAP, or else they’d be, “swimming with the fishes!"

These types of theme parties can be fun. Hey, I’m no party pooper! But after all these years, I’ve experienced rela- tively few wedding gigs that weren’t positive, fun-filled events. And I en- courage readers to leave comments below and share their own theme wedding thoughts and experiences.
To be continued...

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

THRIFT STORE ADVENTURES - Pt. V (Valentine Edition)

(Cupid threw up all over our fave thrift store.)
My girlfriend and I
often disagree on a
variety of topics. In
short, she's a regi-
stered "D" who still
thinks "Man In the
Box" is cool. Yikes!
However, there is 
ONE issue on which
we're in agreement... VALENTINE'S


Oh, if I only had a nickel for
every time I've heard this
line, I could have bought
a dozen of these figurines!
It's a made-up holiday that
places stress and anxieties 
back on the shoulders of
poor schlubs who only
recently dodged the
Christmas gift-giving bullet.
If you REALLY love me,
shower me AGAIN with 
MORE expensive gifts.
And they'd better be good!
So I was less than enthusi-
astic when we ventured out
on our first thrifting excur-
sion of 2012 and discovered
that our fave destination, 
was decked out in all sorts
of Valentine's-related crap.
FYI, only in the supernatural thrift store realm are
The Oak Ridge Boys and Foreigner still considered cool.
But we made the
best of an un-
pleasant situation
and managed to
still make some
amazing discoveries
and score some
cool new swag...
 I occasionally will
photograph certain
wackier finds simply
to share with my
readers. However,
this hot pink Styx
shirt had to be mine!
C'mon, what would
you have done? 

Had this "Little Thinker" cassette case
only come with an 8-Track converter, I
gleefully would have ponied up the $1.50.
Stand by, kids.
Springtime is right
around the corner
which is THE
prime shopping
season in the thrift
world. And I look
forward to sharing
many, many more
incredible dis-
coveries in the
upcoming weeks.
-Christopher Long
(January 2012)

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