SUPERSTAR (Sneak Peek!)

- Christopher Long -
Bryan Dumas

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He's the worshiped frontman
 for Cherry Hill, the hottest act
in country music. Trent Davis
IS a superstar. And he's about
to blow his brains out.
Coming April 7, 2019 from Moonshine Cove Publishing, SUPERSTAR marks celebrated author Christopher Long's fiction debut and will be the first in his "Crossroads Trilogy."

SUPERSTAR is the explosive story of country music sensation, Trent Davis — his meteoric rise to fame, his scandalous fall from grace and his heart-stopping fight for survival.

More than a salacious account of sex, drugs, egos, greed, power plays and revenge, SUPERSTAR delivers a greater message of faith and forgiveness triumphing over fame and fortune in the fast-paced world of country music.

We each have our own story — the personal path that led us to salvation. But for country music sensation, Trent Davis, his journey just might kill him first — too much success, too young, too soon.

At age 22, Trent no longer is the naive Midwestern church boy who wrote songs in science class to his high school sweetheart, Tracy. Adored by legions of fans worldwide, he now has become a delusional, greed-driven, drug-addicted alcoholic with a raging ego.

Trent's life spirals further out of control after he is exposed in a torrid affair with the wife of powerful and vengeful businessman, Richard Moore. He's soon forced from his world of sold-out concert appearances, backstage pampering and luxury tour buses, and into a desperate life on the run — an unfamiliar place where his fame and fortune are of no value. 

Embracing the drug-hazed perception that his own marriage and career have been irreparably destroyed, and fearing the certainty of Richard's fatal wrath, Trent attempts to seal his own fate by "finishing the job" himself. But just as he cocks the hammer of the loaded .44 magnum revolver buried in his mouth, Trent's phone rings suddenly. Could his guardian angel be on the line?



"Long's story is refreshingly real." 
-Creston Mapes 
(#1 Bestselling author of Sky Zone and Fear Has a Name)

"Long is a master raconteur — delivering a
riveting story with a powerful message."
-Michelle Wilson
(Entertainment Critic -

"I've known Christopher Long forever.
He's always been an amazing storyteller.
And Superstar is a powerful story."
-Rodney O'Quinn
(Bassist for the rock band, Foghat)

"Chris preaches the truth without
being 'preachy.' That's a difficult task,
but he accomplishes it superbly.”
-Dr. Larry Ollison
(Author of The Paradise of God)

"Great storytelling and a compelling read."
-Brent Jensen
(Author of All My Favourite People Are Broken)

"A must-read roller coaster."
-Jaimie Engle
(Award-winning indie author and speaker)

"I really like Chris' writing 
it definitely draws you in."
-Jake Roland
(Guitarist for the rock band, Jule Vera)


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PULL THE TRIGGER—YOU COWARD! There’s nobody else here to save you—not this time. It’s just YOU and ME. C’mon, pal—this is your LAST chance. So, do it. DO IT NOW!

Gasping desperately for each painful breath, Trent peeled off his stained white V-neck while lying on the cracked, scum-spackled bathroom tiles. Neon blue rays beaming from a flickering NO VACANCY sign poked through the tiny half-broken window, providing a genuine strobe-light effect that synced perfectly to the erratic rhythm of his revving heartbeat. The ripe odor of ineffective pesticide and sour bath towels permeated his latest temporary abode. Pockmarked with cigarette burns, the patchwork linoleum flooring and nicotine-stained floral wallpaper evoked images of the motel's seedy past.

Hey, “superstar”—just look at you now! Like father, like son—YOU’RE PATHETIC!

Still reeling from yet another near-lethal combination of roadie-prescribed pain meds, Tennessee whiskey and multiple sleepless nights, Trent now had run out of options.

If you keep tap, tap, tapping that gun butt against the shower door like that, you’re gonna drive me crazy. Just what is that annoying little cadence, anyway? Morse code for, “HELP-ME! I’M-A-COWARD?” Don't forget the words of Seabo King—a REAL man NEVER draws his piece—unless he plans to USE it!

A prisoner of his own inner war, Trent finally had submitted to his ruthless internal captor by 3:09. Now brought to his knees, he propped his arm on the sticky toilet bowl rim to steady the loaded .44 magnum snub nose buried in his mouth.

Yeah, good boy—”superstar!” Richard Moore’s thugs are gonna come crashing through that door any minute. And you CAN’T give them the satisfaction of carrying out their mission. Look, we’ve been over this a million times. YOU gotta finish the job—YOURSELF. So, quit stalling. There’s NO other way out. Be a man—for once in your life!

The stabbing chest pain and constant headaches—faithful reminders of Trent's recent, near-fatal accident.

An accident? There are no "accident's" in Richard's world. Just well-orchestrated doom and destruction. And what about Katelyn? Such a shame. But THAT one is ALL on YOU, dude!

The only thing louder than the tormenting voice inside Trent’s head and the intermittent screaming sirens outside his motel lookout would be the impending blast of the gun. Just another night in West Hollywood.

Ha-ha, “superstar!” Fame and fortune can’t buy you out of this one. You shoulda stuck with the rest of those church weirdos when you were a kid. And your goody-two-shoes friends, meddling in your life these days—where’s their magical “savior” now? What a joke! C’mon—time’s running out. Just do it—DO IT NOW!

The week’s worth of unshaven scruff, frumpled Gamecocks jersey and truck stop bargain shades had provided Trent complete anonymity for the last several days as he traveled cross-country in his white Prius rental—seeking refuge and a quiet place to think.

Aw, just look at yourself. You’re a has-been, pal. That little blonde hottie working the night desk USED to wear a Cherry Hill T-shirt. But she didn’t even recognize you when you checked in at this dump. She woulda been all over you—a year ago. Face it—you’re washed-up—at 22!

The writing had been graffitied across the backstage wall long before Trent achieved any solid gold success. The endless procession of enablers, masquerading as friends only helped to cloud his concept of reality even further.

Where’s ol’ “Big” Dan Dickey now, pal? NEWSFLASH: Your mentor is a fraud—just like you! And you don’t REALLY think that Sara is gonna actually miss you—do you? She tried to warn you, dude. Ugh, her only son—what a disappointment. You’ve been a thorn in that woman’s side since you were a little kid. Listen, pal—the day she puts roses on YOUR grave will be the happiest day of her life. In fact, everybody in your world hates you!

Months had passed since Trent last heard the sound of Ashley’s laughter. And the smell of Tracy’s favorite perfume—just another memory, fading day by day. How did it all go so horribly wrong?

Your precious little daughter and your sexy trophy wife—you sure messed that up. You know they’re better off without you. And don’t worry. There will be others who’ll step up to take care of them. Trust me, they already have.

Given the solitude of his surroundings, the cold snap of steel against steel was deafening. With the hammer cocked into proper position at 3:18, the stage was set for Trent’s one-time “Cinderella” story to end tragically.

Ahh, I’ve finally got you where I want you, “superstar!” Just relax, and do it. Pull the freaking little trigger, you coward. DO IT—NOW! 





Christopher Long is an author, show biz analyst, award-winning musician, entertainment personality, radio host and missionary. Known for his conversational, common sense writing style, Long is passionate about sharing the "Good News" of Jesus Christ through his unique and compelling stories.

The author of three non-fiction titles, A Shot of Poison (CG Publishing 2010), C’MON! (Digital Books International 2012) and Shout it Out Loud (Digital Books International 2014), Long also contributes lively content to such arts and entertainment news outlets as and

Raised in Missouri's rugged Ozark Mountains and on Florida's sunny Space Coast, Christopher Long currently lives in Palm Bay, Florida and attends CenterPointe Church.



For a decade, Bryan Dumas worked to fulfill the church vision as the Band and Music School Director at Word of Life Center, located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

In 2012 Dumas came on board as a content consultant for Christopher Long's popular "Show Biz Guru" website. His full-time career in Christian ministry, extensive knowledge of Scriptures, music industry background and close, lifelong friendship with Long made Dumas the ideal co-author for Shout it Out Loud (2014) and Superstar (2019).

In August 2017, Dumas relocated to Bella Vista, Arkansas with his wife, Lisa and their sons, Luke and Daniel.

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