Here, you can get the full scoop
on the various books I've written.
Truth be told, if I only knew then,
what I know now, I would have
pursued high school and college
academics more diligently.  

(2019 / Moonshine Cove Publishing)

He's the worshiped frontman
for the hottest act in country
music. Yes, Trent Davis IS a
superstar. And he's about to
blow his brains out.

Superstar tells the explosive story of country music sensation, Trent Davis — his meteoric rise to fame, his scandalous fall from grace and his heart-stopping fight for survival. But more than a salacious account of backstage debauchery, egos, greed, power plays and revenge, Superstar also delivers a greater message of faith and forgiveness triumphing over fame and fortune in the fast-paced world of country music.

At age 22, Trent no longer is the naive Midwestern church boy who wrote songs in science class to his high school sweetheart, Tracy. Adored by legions of fans worldwide, he now has become a delusional, greed-driven, drug-addicted alcoholic with a raging ego.

Trent's life spirals further out of control after he is exposed in a torrid affair with the wife of powerful and vengeful businessman, Richard Moore. He's soon forced from his world of sold-out concert appearances, backstage pampering and luxury tour buses, and into a desperate life on the run — an unfamiliar place where his fame and fortune are of no value.

Embracing the drug-hazed perception that his own marriage and career have been irreparably destroyed, and fearing the certainty of Richard's fatal wrath, Trent attempts to seal his own fate by "finishing the job" himself. But just as he cocks the hammer of the loaded .44 magnum revolver buried in his mouth, Trent's phone rings suddenly. Could his guardian angel be on the line?

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(2014 / Digital Books International)

Join me on my often outrageous journey from mosh pits to missions fields in the pages of, SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Stories of Fast Times and Faith, From the Show Biz Guru.  It's the lively 2014 follow-up to my popular 2012 release, C'MON! Brimming with personal stories and unique perspectives, it's also packed with photos from my vast private collection, and features an array of hilarious illustrations from cartoonist, Wendrell Tillett.

• My hilarious tales of teenage hijinks as an adult leader on various Christian youth excursions.

• Riveting first-hand accounts of my experiences in overseas missionary fields.

• Compelling commentary on current social and pop culture trends.

• Inspirational words of hope and encouragement that will break down the walls of religion and engage readers of all ages.

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(2012 / Digital Books International)

Described best as "The Wonder Years"-meets-"The Wall" at a Big Tent Revival, C’MON! - My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation offers a personal message of faith based on my lifelong connection to the entertainment world — from growing up with Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt to being physically threatened by Gene Simmons of KISS to hanging out at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate to my ultimate life-changing spiritual awakening. It also features dozens of photos, as well as hilarious original illustrations by cartoonist Wendrell Tillett and a foreword by Jeff “Blando” Bland, guitarist for the platinum-selling rock band Slaughter and Vince Neil.

•ROCK: First-hand accounts of iconic figures from Brad Pitt, Gene Simmons, Donald Trump and President George H.W. Bush to riveting tales of murder, drug deals, backstage meltdowns and more!

•RUIN: Deeply personal and compelling experiences, from divorce and depression to career frustrations and addictions.

•REVELATION: An open, honest and detailed account of the 2010 spiritual awakening that led me from the world of “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” into the world of Christian ministry.

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