I've been making
appearances as a
DJ / MC at Florida
nightclubs, weddings,
private parties and
other special events
for nearly 40 years.

Much has changed since I DJ'd my first event — a junior high school dance back in 1978. The crates of LPs that I once hauled into gigs in the early days were replaced completely by more easily transported CDs during the 1980s. Today, I work exclusively off a laptop, and I can't even remember the last time I used any hard copy audio source. Furthermore, amps the size of Buicks now have been replaced by ultra-light components that can carry easily under one arm.

Rockin' da club during the '90s.
2009 corporate gig.
"Songs" that once would have been 
deemed risqué now are the top-
requested dance faves of tweens,
moms and grannies across the board.
So much for the ol' "Hokey Pokey!"
2013 private party.
2014 Sandberg wedding.
But one thing hasn't changed over
the last 35 years. That's the need
for people to hire an entertainment 
pro to oversee their events.

From traditional-type weddings
to wacky corporate promotions,

My office manager is currently booking
dates into 2018 and beyond. I invite you
to take a peek at my APPEARANCES
page and check my availabilities.
I look forward to hearing from you!


Booking contact:
(321) 779-0500

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