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RECORD REVIEW FLASHBACK: Barb Wire Dolls "Rub My Mind"

Barb Wire Dolls
Rub My Mind
(Motörhead Music)

A popular Internet entertainment
news site I wrote for extensively
over the last couple of years
ceased operations recently. As
a result, in the next few weeks,
I'll be re-posting some of the best
features and reviews I contributed
to that magazine. Here's one of
'em — from the summer of 2017.

What makes the latest from Barb Wire Dolls such an intriguing seduction is that it’s not a light or catchy record  it’s dark and infectious. In fact, delving into this 13-song collection is similar to discovering the diary of "that" girl in chemistry class. You know, the unwashed “weird” girl who’s never been asked to the prom, despite “engaging” frequently with half the varsity football team. But as one tears through the deeply personal diary, page by disturbing page, it becomes clear that her real life revelations are far more fascinating than any confessions fabricated by the Homecoming Queen.

Produced by Jay Baumgardner (Bush, Sevendust, Papa Roach, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, New Found Glory) Rub My Mind oozes gloriously lo-fi grit and is packed with sweaty, dirty, streetwise anthems reminiscent of classic underground college radio. Frontchick, Isis Queen channels the authentic charm of Siouxsie Sioux successfully, while Pyn Doll creates plenty of Gene Loves Jezebel-style guitar zing.

“Back in the USSA” is a clever, guitar-driven opening track  one that sticks with ya long after the record’s 50-minute running time. Residing stylistically somewhere between The Clash and Green Day, “If I Fall” is also one of the set’s irresistible highlights. Another standout, “Hole of Isolation,” is seemingly transparent, edgy and lil’ bit unsettling  Drowning eyes, my blood is soaked in tears. Shouting walls escape the grave that's near. Doggonit, man  that’s solid stuff!

Although the band certainly possesses a penchant for creating punk-fused street rock, the true strength of Rub My Mind lies actually with the more polished-sounding, song-based cuts  FM radio-friendly tracks, including the Bon Jovi-flavored, “Fire to Burn” and the record-closing epic, “Waiting to be Lost.”

One of the hardest-working bands on today’s rock scene, Barb Wire Dolls can be seen daily this summer, live on the Vans Warped Tour Skullcandy stage through August 6th. 

-Christopher Long
(July 2017)



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