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SWEET CHAOS: Dallas Duo Sets Sights on Global Glory

Dallas Duo Sets Sights
on Global Glory

Not for nothing, but if I was
an A&R guy working for a
forward-thinking record label,
I'd be taking serious look
at Dallas duo, Sweet Chaos.

Residing stylistically somewhere near the intersection of "Royal Blood Boulevard" and "Spinnerette Street," Sweet Chaos already has faced many of rock's most riveting realities — accolades and endorsements, perils and pitfalls. But as they say, "only the strong survive."

"There is NO 'Plan B'," drummer Payton Taylor confessed confidently of her band's uncompromising commitment during our recent phone conversation. Bassist / vocalist Sydney Hefley concurred that Sweet Chaos definitely is in it for the long haul.

Payton Taylor onstage in Los Angles - 2018.
As a result of friends' influence, Payton began taking piano lessons at age five. Her passion for piano led to her becoming proficient on multiple instruments. During her later involvement with School of Rock, Payton was encouraged by an instructor to focus on ONE instrument. She chose drums.

Seemingly artistic "soul sisters," Sydney also began her musical journey as a pianist at age five. The current college student also credits her involvement with School of Rock, four years ago, as a profound "game-changer," as it was then when she first met up with her creative partner, Payton.

Watch Payton Taylor's 2018 "Hit Like a Girl" competition video.

Pointing to her parents' classic rock LP collection as her primary initial source of inspiration (at age three), Payton's first favorite band was Led Zeppelin. While most any rock drummer will credit John Bonham as a "hero," for a 17-year-old drummer (in 2018) to credit Keith Moon, well, that just SCREAMS rock cred!

Claiming Led Zeppelin and Muse as two of her all-time favorite bands, 19-year-old Sydney also credits bass and drum duo, Royal Blood as a major Sweet Chaos influence — even before their (then) trio became a duo.

"We were shocked," Payton revealed, regarding the unexpected departure of the group's original guitarist earlier this year. "We had shows booked!" she added — still somewhat flabbergasted. Yet, after entertaining various options, Payton and Sydney opted to forge ahead, as a duo.

Sydney Hefley onstage in Los Angeles - 2018.
Onstage, their sound is as fat and full as most any larger combo configuration, with Sydney playing through both a traditional bass rig and a standard guitar setup — enhanced by an array of electronic pedals.

"It was so cool to play on the same stage that so many of our favorite bands have played on," Sydney commented, regarding the recent Sweet Chaos set at L.A.'s famed Whisky a Go Go. The band continues criss-crossing Texas, hitting just about any venue that has a stage and an electrical outlet  — performing with such up-and-coming acts as Arizona's Doll Skin and rock legends, including former Ramones drummer, Richie Ramone. The band also will be heading to Florida to play dates in December.

Watch "Again & Again" - the latest video from Sweet Chaos

Sweet Chaos traveled recently to Los Angles to shoot the video for their latest single,"Again & Again" — the explosive follow-up release to their self-titled, four-song 2017 EP. Produced by Matt Aslanian, the track was recorded at Aslan Studio in Dallas, Texas.

Sharing songwriting duties, Payton added that, "We have a ton of songs." And they seem quite eager for that "golden opportunity" to record a proper full-length sophomore set. Labels, take note.

-Christopher Long
(November 2018)




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