Tuesday, November 27, 2018

PINK TUESDAY 2018: Today is the BIG Day!

Today is the BIG Day!

"Black Friday" — it doesn't sound
terribly fun or fabulous, does it?
Neither does "Cyber Monday."
And that's exactly why I created
"Pink Tuesday" back in 2011.

Just what the heck is Pink Tuesday? Well, it's a glorious celebration I dreamed up a few years ago — a heart-warming alternative to the otherwise soul-crushing holiday shopping experience.

While the average American "John" and "Mary" are content with fighting mobs for typical holiday gifts and deals at their local supercenters on Black Friday, others opt for the sterile safety of shopping from home on Cyber Monday. BORING!

Conversely, Pink Tuesday is a more interactive, peaceful, joyous option — the day when I personally dispatch the other people across the country (the groovy ones) out to their favorite thrift shops in pursuit of truly fabulous finds — always on the cheap, and always on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

I know, everybody is always searching for bargains and struggling with gift ideas at this time of year. But holiday shopping can be fun, and affordable. Let's be honest, what do your friends and loved ones desire most on Christmas morning  a new 72" flat screen with surround sound, or a slightly "previewed" Oak Ridge Boys cassette collection? Duh, the Oak Ridge Boys, of course! But you just  can't locate those types of hard-to-find treasures or super-rock bottom prices anywhere else but at your friendly local thrift shop.

The pastor's wife was delighted last
Christmas when I gave her this VHS copy
of BIG. Um, I think she was delighted.
I scored this CD by "rappin' trucker," Buck Truckfor my aunt on Pink Tuesday in 2016. She LOVED it!
I knew exactly to whom I was
gonna give this helpful audio book.

(Sadly, it didn't help.)
Yes, from monogrammed oven mitts and twice-worn intimate apparel, to Betamax machines and bestselling self-help books from 1993  I guarantee you can find it ALL at your favorite thrift shops on Pink Tuesday  AND you'll stay well within your budget. If you don't believe me, just take a look at all this incredible stuff I've scored over the years for the people who I love most — all on Pink Tuesday!
It was priceless - the look on my GF's face
last Christmas when I gave her this almost
like-new 1991 AM / FM portable blaster. She
had been hoping for Keith Urban tickets,
but I'm sure she liked this, just as much.
Since thrift store dolls aren't creepy at all,
I bought one for every little kid on my
2015 holiday list - even a couple of girls.
ome Pink Tuesday finds y
ou just gotta keep for yourself.)
So, today is the BIG day! You'll probably want to take off from work. And I suggest you get an early start. Gather up your closest besties for a soothing "pre-game" brew at your local independent coffee house at about 9am. By 10:00, you'll all want to be in action. A 1:00 lunch break is recommended, but you'll need to be back at it by 2:00. Come 5:00, your holiday shopping should be completed. You'll then be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the season, totally stress-free — sorta.

For just $1.99, who wouldn't want to play a
game with Desperate Housewives' dirty laundry?
This 8-track tape of Molly Hatchet's 1979
classic, Flirtin' with Disaster was a huge
hit with my teenage nephew last Christmas.
During a 2012 Pink Tuesday excursion,
I bought gifts for all the guys down at the
gym - and I got change back from a $5.
There ya go. Pretty awesome, right? Of course it is. Now, go out there today and make it the greatest, most joyous and prosperous Pink Tuesday ever! And afterward, I invite you to come back here and share your personal Pink Tuesday stories in the "Comment" section below.

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S !

-Christopher Long
(November 2018)



C'MON! -

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