Tuesday, September 25, 2018

RECORD REVIEW: Lauren Daigle "Look Up Child"

Lauren Daigle
Look Up Child
(Centricity Music)

 A young, fresh-faced Christian
singer / songwriter breaks onto
Billboard's Top 200 chart at a
jaw-dropping #3 with her latest
effort — out-performed only by
new releases from rock legend,
Paul McCartney, and slop hop
prophet, Eminem. Hmm. I had
to swoop in for a closer look.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to passionately throw myself into what I love — my music,” confessed 27-year-old Lauren Daigle, just prior to releasing Look Up Child in September 2018. And it's that unique sense of humility and irresistible charm that helped make the Louisiana native an overnight sensation in 2015 with her platinum-selling debut, How Can it Be.

Produced to perfection by Paul Mabury and Jason Ingram, this inspirational collection kicks off strong with "Still Rolling Stones." Enveloped by Adele-flavored allure, the epic track points directly to the redemptive power of Christ, and what a glorious gift that is to receive — Now that you saved me, I sing 'cause you gave me, a song of revival. So fragile and transparent you can hear Daigle's soul crying, the equally moving, "Rescue" reassures us of Christ's committed love — I will send out an army to find you in the middle of the darkness — I will rescue you.

Dripping with warm '70s-style R&B authenticity, "This Girl" is another of the record's most compelling highlights. What have I done to deserve a love like this? — Daigle asks thoughtfully in "Love Like This" — a beautiful, heart-stopping praise ballad. And while the enormously popular lead-off single, "You Say" offers incredible encouragement to today's hurting and broken world, it's Daigle's uncompromising revelation of surrender that makes the delicate, piano-driven "Rebel Heart" the pick of this 13-pup litter.

A celebrated, two-time Grammy Award nominee, Lauren Daigle appears to be the real deal, indeed — delivering a bold message, free of ambiguity. At a time when lowest common denominator content is an increasingly precious "cultural" commodity, Look Up Child is refreshingly powerful — honest and pure. 

-Christopher Long
(September 2018)



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  1. Great review, looking forward to checking this out, ty!

  2. Loved how you wrote about her humility and powerful message of the redemptive love of Jesus for each of us. Thanks for a great review!