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MOVIE REVIEW: "Summer of '67"

Summer of '67
Mainstreet Productions
Released: June 2018
Running Time: 83 minutes

An authentic American
tale set during troubled
times. Count me in!

Written and directed by Sharon Wilharm and produced by Fred Wilharm, Summer of '67 is the seventh independent feature for the husband and wife filmmaking duo. And as the title indicates, the story unfolds during the turbulent sociopolitical era of the mid-late 1960s.

The story line is intriguing — sisters, Milly and Kate, witness the shocking suicide of their mother in the early '50s. As the plot develops, the two siblings each grow up to become involved with men heading off to Vietnam. And they soon both face the question of whether or not their man will return home from the war.

Cameron Gilliam as Gerald (L) and Rachel Schrey as Milly (R)
Sam Brooks as Van (L) and Bethany Davenport as Kate (R)
Now a young wife and mother, Milly is forced to live with her mother-in-law, Joanna, while her husband, Gerald, is away on the USS Forrestal. At the same time, Kate must choose between her high school sweetheart, Peter, and her new hippie boyfriend, Van. Kate's family maid and close friend, Ruby Mae, discovers true love as well with her new boyfriend, Reggie, only to have him also whisked away by the war.

Although touted as a Christian film  one based on events surrounding the real life tragedy of the USS Forrestal, Summer of '67 doesn't clobber viewers with overt rhetoric, or with a heavy message. Simply put, Summer of '67 merely tells an engaging, family-friendly story about people struggling to "do" life together during one of our nation's most difficult times.

Jerrold Edwards as Reggie (L) and Sharonne Lanier as Ruby Mae (R)
Rachel Schrey as Milly (L) and Mimi Sagadin as Joanna (R)
As a "period" piece, the film scores high marks. The scenery, wardrobe, classic cars and even some of the soundtrack music all add authenticity to the production.

An independent film, Summer of '67 may be a bit tough to find, as it currently is only showing at select events throughout the summer of '18. As a fan of independent films, I was grateful and delighted to experience a private screening of the movie, and I look forward to enjoying the Wilharm's future work.

-Christopher Long
(August 2018)


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