Thursday, August 9, 2018

DOLL SKIN: Arizona-Based Brigade Slays Sweaty Florida Fans (Orlando 8.3 / West Palm Beach 8.5)

Arizona-Based Brigade
Slays Sweaty Florida Fans
(Orlando 8.3 / West Palm Beach 8.5)

The look on her face was priceless
 that night back in 2017, when I
confessed to bassist Nicole Rich
how I believe that Doll Skin is
the most exciting American rock
band since Guns N' Roses. And
after catching two of the band's
recent Florida Warped Tour dates,
it's an observation that I stand by.

The scorching early August heat already had reached brutal intensity by noon. But by 1:00, a slightly comfy cloud cover hovered over Tinker Field. "Orlando, take two steps forward — we want to see your beautiful faces," commanded ferocious frontchick, Sydney Dolezal, as her band, Doll Skin, stormed the stage. Sporting a fabulously fun-looking coif, dyed fluorescent orange and neon green, Dolezal captured and conveyed the true essence of the Warped Tour in short order, announcing to the throngs of faithful followers, “If you don’t feel like you belong anywhere else, you’re part of this family” — the perfect intro to the raucous opening tune, "Family of Strangers" — game on!

Sydney Dolezal
Alex Snowden
Driven by the bone-cracking drum work of Meghan Herring, the arena-sized sing-along, "Daughter," ignited the crazed Orlando crowd completely — "time to make Momma proud," indeed!

"We're Doll Skin from Phoenix, Arizona," Dolezal declared, leading into "Let's Be Honest." "And this song is about lesbians," she added, as guitarist Alex Snowden's razor-sharp riffs soon sliced the heads off the sea of unsuspecting enthusiasts.

Meghan Herring
Nicole Rich
As for Nicole Rich, the ultra-energetic, rail-thin, flaming pink-haired bassist delivered absolutely 100% heart-stopping performances — brandishing her cotton candy-colored weapon with bona fide, rock-ribbed confidence. Somebody bring me my nitroglycerin pills, please!

Simply put, Doll Skin has NOT proven to be an impressive tour de force based on the member's young 20-ish ages, or due to the band's "all-girl" distinction. Truth be told, what makes this brash combo such an exciting collective is that the band is comprised of seasoned performers — world-class rock musicians with world-class rock songs — a point proven by their jaw-dropping live remake of the 1969 Led Zeppelin classic, "Whole Lotta Love."

The Doll Skin after-show meet-and-greet
in West Palm Beach truly was a VIP event!
Offering additional heartfelt words of encouragement to the oft troubled Warped Tour contingent, Dolezal further stated, "You are the ruler of your destiny!" a powerful sentiment, leading into the band's equally powerful set-closer, "Punch a Nazi" — a modern day, angst-filled anthem that brought both Snowden and Rich into the Orlando pit — guitars-a-wailin'. Now, that takes balls!

-Christopher Long
(August 2018)

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