Friday, July 13, 2018

RECORD REVIEW: Ken Sharp "I Wanna Be David Cassidy" (Jetfighter Records)

Ken Sharp 
"I Wanna Be David Cassidy"
(Jetfighter Records)

While visiting South Florida
recently, I finally got my
hands on a limited edition 7"
vinyl copy of Ken Sharp's
infectious musical tribute
to the late David Cassidy. I
"got happy" in short order.

It was a lifetime ago — 1971. Richard Nixon was revving up for "Four More Years," Laugh-In was one of the top-rated American TV shows and kids from coast-to-coast were being introduced to a couple of tasty, not-so-terrifying characters known as Count Chocula and Franken Berry. 1971 also was a magical time for pop music, as The Osmonds, Bobby Sherman and The Jackson 5 dominated Casey's weekly countdown. And television / music superstar, David Cassidy, was hot as a pistol.

For pre-pube purists like me and millions of other salivating die-hards during that glorious shag-covered era, David Cassidy was our "Elvis." The irresistible pop / rock music he produced and the feather-coiffed, boy-next-door image he projected fueled a lifelong fire that would lead us in our teens to discovering and worshiping such guitar-driven idols as The RaspberriesThe Bay City Rollers, Rick Springfield and Cheap Trick.

When the Partridge Family icon passed away last fall, the shocking news hit me like a mule kick to the rib cage — as if a chunk of my cherished childhood had gone with him. Fortunately, fellow aficionado, best-selling author and acclaimed singer / songwriter, Ken Sharp, was quick to offer the grieving masses an infectious feel-good tribute to the true "King of Pop" in his timely single, "I Wanna Be David Cassidy."

Written and performed primarily by Ken Sharp and overseen by famed musician and co-producer, Fernando Perdomo, the single captures Sharp's passion perfectly, from the personal lyrics, right down to the authentic-sounding harpsichord backing track and the realistic classic, black and silver Bell Records-inspired label on the 7" vinyl edition. A highlight track from Sharp's 2016 full-length record, New Mourning, the single's B-Side, "Let's Be Friends" is equally a pop treasure.

Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios in Reseda, California and at The Manor in Toluca Lake, California, the single currently is available digitally on iTunes and BandCamp, as well as on 7" vinyl via Jetfighter Records.

-Christopher Long
(July 2018)


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