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BOOK REVIEW: "My Life With Deth" - David Ellefson

My Life With Deth
- David Ellefson -
(Howard Books / 2013 / 257 Pages)

How on earth it took five years
for this one to pop up on my
radar is a mystery to me. But
be sure, it's never too late to
discover an amazing story.

With his 2013 memoir, My Life With Dethco-founding Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson delivers a beautifully written, deeply personal story of fame and fortune, faith and family.

Brimming with irresistible Joe's Garage-style charm (He used to cut the grass, he was a very nice boy), the Grammy-winning music industry guru offers a heartfelt glimpse into his upbringing on his family's Minnesota farm. A naive church boy coming of age during the 1970s, Ellefson recounts his earliest rock and roll discovery   Bachman-Turner Overdrive's classic, Not Fragile — on 8-track. Of his first KISS concert experience in 1977, he recalls the overwhelming enormity of the spectacle and how, "there was pot smoke everywhere."

Eager to shed his rep as a "dork from the farm," Ellefson soon is seduced by friends into a life of teenage partying — hanging out playing video games at the local bowling alley and navigating through a menagerie of early cover bands — a time when he admits to first developing a "bias against religion."

Revealing a treasure trove of unique and riveting insights regarding his life as a heavy metal superstar, Ellefson succeeds in taking the high road throughout, as he dissects in great detail Megadeth's legendary history — including his decades long creative partnership with the band's iconic co-founding guitarist, Dave Mustaine. Oozing humility, Ellefson is equally transparent in dishing about his own personal demons and struggles, such as his uncontrolled addictions and financial snafus. He further shares his personal triumphs — from his ultimate sobriety to his spiritual awakening.

Packing more punch than the typical chest-thumping rock star tell-all, Ellefson's story is refreshingly real. A gripping tale of inspiration, encouragement and hope, My Life With Deth is a contagious read  — one that delivers an incredible payoff.

-Christopher Long
(July 2018)

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