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KRISTEN MARTIN: Bestselling Author Comes to Orlando (6.5.18)

Bestselling Author
Comes to Orlando

These days, I'm seduced much
more by the allure of an up-close-
and-personal author event than by
any groovy backstage rock star
meet-and-greet. But when those
two worlds collide, well, you
definitely can COUNT-ME-IN!

Polished, poised and packaged to perfection, Kristen Martin is a modern-day literary rock star. Her stats — impressive, indeed. A well-established Amazon author, she boasts a bounty of sci-fi bestsellers. Possessing impeccable marketing savvy, she also is a successful writing coach —  providing insightful, spot-on tips and experienced advice to her tens of thousands of loyal YouTube viewers. Simply put, as an established non-fiction author now navigating into the brave new super-competitive world of fiction, when Kristen Martin speaks — I listen.

"Don’t tell me the moon is
shining; show me the glint
of light on broken glass."
-Kristen Martin

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll confess openly to sitting in front of my laptop frequently for hours on end, binge-watching installment after installment of Martin's fascinating and informative YouTube clips — tasty bag of Doritos by my side and an ice cold can of Red Bull in-hand. And as a result of my unabashed, drooling fanboy obsession, there absolutely was NO way I was going to miss her recent Orlando in-store book signing appearance.

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Possessing a particular (past) penchant for iconic rock stars, I couldn't have been more amped if I was set to meet Gene Simmons himself. However, I (hopefully) managed to project a reasonably calm demeanor. In fact, my knees were knocking only slightly as my buddy Chuck and I entered Gods & Monsters Comic Bookstore.

Although we arrived at the popular Orlando sci-fi shop a full 15 minutes prior to the book signing's scheduled 6pm start time, Martin already was engaged with other enthusiastic readers. And the fact that she was accompanied by acclaimed writing coach, Kaila Walker, only added to the event's WOW-factor.

As a fellow author, I've enjoyed traveling on my own national in-store book signing tours over the years. Hence, I stood by patiently, allowing both Martin and Walker ample time to connect personally with fans before wedging myself into the story.

With Kristen Martin in Orlando, FL.
Although recognized primarily for her bestselling sci-fi novels, Martin's current offering is a compelling, self-motivational-style non-fiction book, entitled, Be Your Own #Goals. She knows her audience well and speaks to her readers effectively. But as a doofy dude who typically doesn't connect with sci-fi, I don't exactly fit Martin's demographic. Yet, I was hoping to discover at least a few helpful tidbits in her just-released, chick-focused memoir. "Um, like I, uh, need to buy a copy of Goals, please," I announced, passing a crumpled wad of bills nervously across the signing table. To her credit, Martin didn't laugh at me for my clear-cut lack of slickness. Walker didn't either.

What impressed me most about Kristen Martin was how genuine and approachable she was —  spending as much time as necessary in order to connect fully with each reader who came through the line. I've said it before, but it's worth repeating — you can't fake transparency. And that's one of the special and unique qualities that endears her to so many fans. Heck, both Martin and Walker even took the time to offer me (more than a few) valuable insights when discussing my upcoming project  — which really meant a lot to me. #BRAVO #PROLOGUE 

-Christopher Long
(June 2018)




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