Monday, April 30, 2018

RECORD REVIEW: Fozzy "Judas"

(Century Media / Sony)

A spill over from 2017,
the latest from FOZZY
remains a personal rock
obsession in 2018. 

Produced by AOR go-to guru, Johnny Andrews, the seventh studio effort from FOZZY proves that, although certainly flatlining (for years), rock is far from dead. And throughout this super-charged crunch-fest, it becomes clear as crystal that the Atlanta-birthed brigade possesses exactly what most of their contemporaries lack. And that's songs  fist-pounding, blood-pumping, rib-cracking, arena-sized sing-alongs.

Leading off with the record's guitar-driven, nut-busting first three singles, "Judas," "Drinkin' with Jesus" and "Painless," Judas is an impressive 11-track tour de force — one brimming with such additional highlights as the infectious, techno-tinged "Weight of My World" and "Burn Me Out."

Despite oozing overall authenticity, the record's rock / metal cred can be compromised occasionally by modern-day, pop-flavored wizardry. Residing stylistically somewhere between Linkin Park and Lady Gaga, "Three Days in Jail" represents one of the less compelling "square peg" moments while the seemingly "Dope Show"-inspired "Elevator" and equally appealing "Running with the Bulls" each survive the production shellacking more successfully.

In sum, Judas is a glorious treasure — a collection so powerful, you just might feel led to call your mom and thank her for forgetting to take her pill that one night in Louisville.

-Christopher Long
(April 2018)



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