Wednesday, March 7, 2018

EBOOK GIVEAWAY: Get the "5th Anniversary Edition" of My 2012 Book "C'MON!" for FREE!

Get the "5th Anniversary Edition" of
My 2012 Book "C'MON!" for FREE!

Simply put, it's my best work
— my 2012 memoir. The 2017
"5th Anniversary Edition" is
even better. Here's the kicker 
wanna GIVE it to you, FREE!

I've slept with Brad Pitt (twice), been threatened physically by Gene Simmons, dined with Donald Trump, worked for platinum-selling rock stars, and later traveled the world as a missionary spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also scrubbed about half a million toilets — on my hands and knees while serving as a janitor at my church. I even plotted to kill myself in 2010. And simply for recounting these unique, eclectic exploits in my various books, I've been called "a pathetic loser" and "a spiritual lightweight." I've also been called "a mighty man of God" and "the most interesting man in the world." Well, you know what they say about "opinions," right?

Yes, I had to get pretty thick skin, pretty darn quick when my debut memoir dropped back in 2010. Eight years later, I've got three titles on the market, with a couple of other book projects in development. But even after all this time, it's my second book, C'MON! that I believe remains my best work.

With the assistance of my longtime writing partner, Bryan Dumas, I created an updated 2017 "5th Anniversary Edition" of C'MON! I broke the book up into separate weekly revised chapters — with bonus stories and photos NOT featured in the original version, and I offered it FREE to readers for a few months here on my Show Biz Guru website. The response was incredible. So, when I made a recent appearance at a two-day meet-and-greet in Cocoa Beach, I formatted the anniversary web edition into a beautiful, flowing PDF version, just for that occasion. Soo-pah sah-weet, indeed!

I believe so strongly in the compelling, entertainment value of C'MON! that I want EVERYBODY to read it. In fact, for a limited time, I wanna GIVE you an eBook copy of the updated version absolutely FREE. If you're not yet familiar with my story, you can get the complete scoop on the book HERE. To receive your copy, just send me a personal email and request one. It's that easy.

The really cool thing about the PDF version is that you can read it on any electronic device — your computer, tablet, Kindle, iPhone — whatever you've got.

Looking forward to hearing from you! (My personal email:

-Christopher Long
(March 2018)
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C'MON! -

(Coming April 7, 2019)

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