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DEAD SERIOS: 2018 Re-Launch Kick-Off

2018 Re-Launch Kick-Off

After a necessary, extended
break, my veteran award-
winning rock band is finally
revved-up to roll out another
"psychodrama double-header."

It was the mid '80s, and the hair metal craze was in full swing. Although we did attempt playing the lipstick and lacquer game for a brief period early on, my newly-created band just didn't fit the stylistic mold cast by the spandex-clad, aerosol-sprayed poster boys of the day. In fact, we realized that Dead Serios had to be different — we had to stand out from that glam-spackled pack if we were going to accomplish anything cool or memorable.

By the late '80s, we were building a growing and loyal audience throughout America (and beyond) by combining my old school Alice Cooper-inspired perspective with the current hard-core, garage-style metal that spoke to my bandmates. It was a unique and honest formula — one that was working pretty well for us.

Dead Serios - circa '88 / '89
Dead Serios had released several raucous, indie-level LPs, EPs and 7" singles. And having developed a "must-see" reputation while playing everywhere we could with such marquee acts as Faith No MoreGWARCircle Jerks, Dead Milkmen and Nuclear Assault, we definitely were on a roll by the early '90s. Dead Serios was generating national college radio airplay and winning various music awards — including being named Florida's "Entertainer of the Year" by JAM! magazine in 1991. We were young and fearless  brimming with nincompoopery. And people either totally LOVED us, or completely HATED us. Unfortunately, after a ten-year ride, the newly-embraced U.S. gloom-and-doom rock movement brought our seemingly unstoppable slapstick-charged momentum to a screeching halt in 1995.

But our often controversial reputation remained somehow relevant. Fans stuck with us through various reunion appearances during the late '90s. By the early 2000s, those original diehard followers were bringing their kids to see our semi-annual shows. And since 2010, they've even been bringing their grandkids — as if experiencing a Dead Serios concert was some sort of rite of passage for young rock enthusiasts.

Here I am performing with Dead Serios
at the 2014 '80s In The Park festival.
For various reasons, I finally needed to put Dead Serios to rest (for good) following our string of 2015 "30th Anniversary" performances. And with the exception of one single benefit show in 2016, we remained successfully in the grave.

However, after a recent band business meeting, we came to the mutual conclusion that there was perhaps more of the Dead Serios story still to be written — more shows to play, more audiences to reach and at least one more record to make. And before long, live appearances were booking up, studio time was being scheduled, and we'd signed on as an artist management client with a prominent industry vet.

In short, decades after our shelf life should have expired, 2018 is revving to be the biggest and best year yet for Dead Serios. We're kicking off our official re-launch with a very special, rather intimate hometown show at Open Mike's in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday, January 27th. Then, we'll be returning to this year's annual '80s In The Park festival in Cocoa Beach on February 18th. From there, it's off to the recording studio for most of March, where we'll be cutting our new album.

Feel free to help us spread the word — and if you're in the area for any of our upcoming shows, come on out and see us. They will typically be all-ages events, so bring the grandkids! 

-Christopher Long
(January 2018)



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