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3 SIDES OF THE COIN: Talking All Things KISS!

Talking All Things KISS!

Truth be told, my lifelong
KISS obsession has waned
over the years. However,
recently, I've discovered
a dynamite Internet talk
show that has rekindled
my kabuki-fueled fire.

Growing up near Cocoa Beach during the '70s, I was that guy  the obnoxious KISS freak who got beat up in school for displaying too much "zeal." As an adult, my passion for rock's TRUE "Fab Four" continued burning brightly — through the band's less inspiring non-makeup period in the '80s to the well-publicized 1996 reunion tour featuring the original lineup and the subsequent super-hyped "Farewell" tour in 2000. In those days, I never missed a Florida KISS concert, expo or meet-and-greet. I just couldn't get enough of "The Hottest Band in the Land." Then, not so much. Honestly, since hitting the big 5-0 in 2012, I've either sold-off or given away most of my once-impressive collection of once-prized KISS memorabilia. Simply put, I'd checked out.

But a few months ago, I made a wonderful, unexpected discovery. While researching a related feature story I was writing, I stumbled across 3 Sides of the Coin — a uniquely engaging, unpretentious weekly online program boasting the intriguing tagline "Talking All Things KISS!" My interest definitely was piqued.

Featuring fellow KISS freak co-hosts Michael Brandvold, Tommy Sommers, Mark Cicchini and occasional appearances from the lovely Miss Lisa, I was drawn immediately to the show's lively, candid, and compelling conversations. "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE," I thought to myself right from the get-go. In fact, I recognized so much common ground with the "3 Sides" crew, I needed a compass to navigate through the dialog. Plus, as I learned in short order, the show's weekly special guests include an array of KISSworld A-listers. Now, I was hooked.

3 Sides of the Coin hosts, (from L to R) Mark Cicchini,
Miss Lisa, Tommy Sommers and Michael Brandvold.
Each episode finds marketing and digital strategy guru, Branvold leading the charge, while Real Estate mogul, Sommers typically rolls his eyes, trying desperately to wedge a word in between the exuberant non-stop musings of renown KISS collector, Cicchini. And bringing much more to the table than mere eye candy, Miss Lisa brims with equal knowledge and enthusiasm. They may enthrall some and enrage others, but the natural chemistry between the co-hosts is undeniable and irresistible— and it makes for much fun.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll confess to having become hopelessly addicted to 3 Sides of the Coin — like a junkie at a methadone clinic. I now start each day enjoying my morning coffee while burning through another of the show's nearly 300, two-hour episodes. And I'll confess further that in bona fide, drooling fanboy fashion, I like to imagine the hosts being friends of mine who are all coming over to my place next weekend for a crazy, crazy (over)night KISS video party. Yo, nice onesie, Branvold. Hey, Sommers  tell Cicchini to pass the S'mores, dude! 

In sum, despite my self-proclaimed "aficionado" status, even I've learned a lot as a newly-minted "3 Sides" fanatic. And I'm absolutely convinced that Vinnie Vincent saved KISS!

-Christopher Long
(January 2018)

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