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Simply put, 2017
was quite a ride.

Despite saying "farewell" to a few friends and surviving another devastating hurricane, I also experienced a bounty of blessings this past year — I visited some cool locales, discovered a load of incredible new music, read a stack of compelling books and saw a couple of decent flicks. But most important, I connected (and re-connected) with a menagerie of amazing people. I hope you'll dig this little overview of my personal favorite stuff from 2017.

Addicted No More
Jason Miller

A gripping personal story of addiction
and redemption, this memoir delivers
an enormous, life-changing payoff.


Jesse Tanner Long's
Signature Ice Cream

There are few absolute truths in
this crazy world — one of which
is, EVERYBODY loves ice cream.
And EVERYBODY loves this
kid's unique line of frozen treats.



In 2017, this lovable Lab became
one of my most faithful friends
and trusted confidants. FYI, he
loves treats and hates squirrels.


New Girl

In the smelly locker room that
is network television, New Girl
remained a greatly-welcomed,
sweet-smelling air freshener.


La La Land

I saw a bunch of movies this year.
Most of them sucked. This one didn't.


REO Speedwagon
Don Felder

Boasting more bang for the buck,
this triple bill concert event was
brimming with hit song after hit
song. A spectacular production.


Jule Vera
Waiting on the Sun

Jule Vera is a golden gift from God.
Oozing infectious ear worms, their
long-awaited sophomore record
is my personal top pick of 2017.


Doll Skin
"Sweet Pea"

A band can harness all the swagger in
the world, but if it ain't got songs, it
ain't got jack. Featured on their latest
poster chicks, Doll Skin, dropped a
doozie — my favorite song of 2017.


The Fantastic Plastics
"She Don't Use Jelly"

I'm not saying my life would suck
But it sure would be A LOT less
"fantastic." And the duo's recent
video remake of the Flaming Lips
classic, was the most stimulating
clip of 2017.


Bad Cop / Bad Cop

From the rib-cracking cords and catchy
choruses of their latest record to their
crushing performances while on the
recent Warped Tour, Bad Cop / Bad Cop
rekindled my rock and roll fire in 2017.
The undisputed "Band of the Year."


Forever Young
Summer Camp

As a dedicated member of the (non-
denominational) Central Life Church
ministry team, I possess a heartfelt
passion for young people. In fact, I've
now participated in six consecutive
summer youth excursions. Yep, nothing
keeps an old dude young quite like
speeding concentrated, quality time
with crazy teenagers. And last summer's
Daytona Beach outing proved to be a
particularly powerful experience.

So, what's some of  YOUR favorite stuff from 2017?  Feel free to share in the "Comment" section below.

-Christopher Long
(November 2017)

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