Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Amy Sweezey "Let's Talk Weather"

Amy Sweezey
TV Forecasting
Behind the Scenes

With the launch of her second
release, Florida children's author
Amy Sweezey delivers a crisp,
concise book for elementary
school-age readers  one that's
entertaining and educational.

Since 2002, families throughout Central Florida have kick-started their weekday mornings by tuning in to Orlando's NBC affiliate WESH 2 for accurate, up-to-the-minute weather updates and forecasts from Amy Sweezey. Simply put, as an award-winning meteorologist, Sweezey KNOWS weather. And her longstanding commitment to young people has led Sweezey to share the fascinating world of weather and TV forecasting with countless students in various area schools over the years. Hence, her weather-related children's books have become quite a hit.

The latest from Amy Sweezey is
highly entertaining and 

Have you ever wondered how forecasters
on TV can tell what the weather will be?
In Let’s Talk Weather, you’ll find answers
to these questions and more, from the
science behind the weather, to the tools
and instruments used to measure it.

An illustrated storybook, Sweezey's 2015 debut, It Never, Ever Snows in Florida spoke to a primarily K-2 audience. However, packed with eye-catching relevant photos and brimming with insightful scientific info, her newly-released sophomore effort, LET'S TALK WEATHER: TV Forecasting Behind the Scenes likely will appeal to slightly older inquiring minds.

As a fellow author who also possesses a personal passion for young people and education, I enjoyed Sweezey's latest thoroughly, and I recommend it highly  to "kids" of ALL ages.

-Christopher Long
(October 2017)


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