Wednesday, September 20, 2017

MY COUNTRY: Discover "Best Of" Episodes from My Classic Country Radio Show — NOW on YouTube!

Discover "Best Of" Episodes
from My Classic Country Radio
Show — NOW on YouTube!

Since I was a kid, growing up in
the Midwest, I've had a burning
desire to be in radio. And in 2016,
the dream finally became a reality.

Celebrating all things classic country, my weekly Internet radio show, MY COUNTRY, launched in 2016. Together with my fabulous co-host, Miss May, and our teenage production assistant, Vance, we had such a blast producing the show — a program that ran through early 2017.

While currently on hiatus, fans now are discovering the show's various "Best Of" episodes that I've been posting on YouTube. 

MY COUNTRY production assistant, Vance, doing
a little pre-show prep with co-host, Miss May.
So, if you missed out on the fun the first time around, or if you just want to relive the experience, I invite you to check us out by following the links below. And feel free to become one of the show's YouTube subscribers!

Vol. 1 - "Country NOT Country" Edition
Vol. 2 - "Classic Country Concerts" Edition
Vol. 3 - "Classic Country Movies" Edition
Vol. 4 - "Classic Country Albums" Edition

More episodes COMING SOON!

-Christopher Long
(September 2017)

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