Friday, September 22, 2017

JESSE TANNER LONG: "Scooping Smiles!"

"Scooping Smiles!"

I noticed a very interesting
Facebook quote recently  
one credited to Steve Jobs.
Whether the late Apple co-
founder ever actually said it
or not, the statement caught
my attention  If you want
to make people happy, don't
be a leader. Sell ice cream.

"I make ice cream almost every night, and I place complete confidence in the consistent quality of my creations." It's a bold statement, to be sure — but for 23-year-old Jesse Tanner Long developing unique ice cream recipes and then producing a world-class product is his life passion. "Eating ice cream is obviously great," he adds. "But making it is where my heart truly lies." 

A man on a mission, Long has spent considerable time over the last year or so criss-crossing the country — from the snowy mountains of Boulder to the sunny shores of Cocoa Beach to the clangorous streets of Baltimore and beyond — spreading his "Ice Cream Gospel" to new "believers" everywhere. "I am all about 'connecting,'" says Long. "It really all boils down to simply scooping smiles."

While working at an ice cream store in Colorado, Long recalls showing up on his days off to experiment with creating new flavors. "I've written a multitude of (well-guarded) recipes," he states confidently. "I've tested each one time and time again — fine-tuning little aspects along the way."

Long's distinctive, drop-dead-delicious product line has been gaining attention from not only his growing legion of disciples, but also from various "suits" within the ice cream industry. The only two questions really remaining at this point are — In which major city will Long decide to settle? And who's going to make him the sweetest "big league" offer?

"I'm not trying to be better than anyone else in the ice cream game. 'Better' is too subjective," Long concludes. "I intend to be different  to offer folks something more than merely a sweet treat."

-Christopher Long
(September 2017)



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  1. Great story! I am available for field testing new creations :)