Monday, August 7, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: "Addicted No More" by Jason Miller

Addicted No More
(Book & Workbook)
- Jason Miller -
Red Dove Publishing

The darker the story, the
brighter the testimony.
And in his debut memoir,
Jason Miller reveals his
chilling, pitch-black tale.

"Heroine by itself keeps you medicated and somewhat alert, but unresponsive," Jason Miller offers, early on in his story. "But cocaine and crack take you into a dirty world where you're chasing the Devil himself."

His words are from the street  unpolished and real. His story — frightening and disturbing, rooted in the pit of Hell. Abused as a child, addicted as a teen, and incarcerated as an adult, Miller was a man with few options back in 1997 — convicted in more ways than one, as he laid on his bunk, locked away in a Florida prison cell. Yet, oddly, this real life nightmare has a happy ending.

As an ex-con, Miller's personal story of bouncing in and out of prison is riveting. And as a former junkie, his descriptions of shooting, snorting and smoking illegal drugs are brutal. In fact, he still carries the physical scars from years of injecting street drugs. "We started putting crack in lemon juice to break it down," Miller confesses. "We had so many holes, marks and bruises on our bodies from shooting up, that we were forced to wear long sleeved shirts, no matter what the whether."

Author Jason Miller with his wife Sandra.
Jesus himself once said, "with God everything is possible." (Matthew 19:26 - NLT). And although Miller does finally find physical, emotional and spiritual healing, his journey back from Hell is a frustrating roller coaster ride — one brimming with non-stop, heartbreaking accounts of continued criminal behavior and drug-related relapses.

Today, Jason Miller is a certified drug counselor and he holds an Associates of Arts degree in Biblical Theology. Hence, Addicted No More is one part autobiography, and one part workbook — a valuable tool for those who are still battling and working through addictions. Miller currently lives in Redding, California, where he is involved in both, secular and faith-based healing programs. (An Enthusiastic 5-Star Rating!)

-Christopher Long
(August 2017)


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