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BAD COP / BAD COP: California Combo Crushes Iconic Concert Tour

Photo: Jen Cray
California Combo Crushes
Iconic Concert Tour

I'd never seen my girlfriend dance
before. We'd been a couple for a
year and a half and we'd attended
dozens of shows together. But
Diana always remained reserved
— even at the Bush concert — and
she loves that guy! I knew she'd
dig seeing Bad Cop / Bad Cop,
but I did NOT expect this type of
reaction. Hey, crazy lady! Who
are you, and just what have you
done with my laid back chick?

If your drummer sucks, then your band sucks. It's that simple. Drums are the centerpiece and foundation of any rock band. Hence, upon first discovering Bad Cop / Bad Cop, I recognized in short order that Myra Gallarza's left hand and right foot are the band's two most lethal weapons. However, when I attempted to articulate that perspective to her while in Orlando recently, what came out of my mouth, as a dopey and pathetic fanboy, was some sort of indistinguishable, drooling blubber. Given Gallarza's personal passion for such straight-forward, hard-hitting bands as KISS and AC/DC, her rock solid kick-n-snare technique is understandable. And BTW, she's the most ferocious drummer on this summer's Vans Warped Tour.

(Photo: Jen Cray)
Formed back in 2011 by So-Cal native and co-frontchick, Stacey Dee, BC/BC's journey to the 2017 40-city excursion has been anything but an overnight experience. Having toured extensively worldwide over the last few years, the combo released its third record, Warriors, in June.

"We're the band you were warned about," Dee announced with bona fide cock rock confidence, as her turbo-charged troupe took the stage last week in West Palm Beach. Sporting what's typically a flaming red, close-cropped, shaggy-topped coif, the snarling singer / guitarist counts such seemingly random artists as the Go-Go's and Huey Lewis and the News among her many personal musical influences.

(Photo: Jen Cray)
A band that has been described stylistically (by me) as a cross between Joan Jett circa 2006 and NOFX circa 1996, BC/BC's daily Warped Tour set lists have offered fans career-spanning showcases that include such old school staples as "Rodeo," "Nightmare," and "Cheers," as well as fresh cuts, including "Amputations," "Victoria" and the brand-spankin' new single, "Womanarchist."

Despite the band's overall improving situation, the Warped Tour still presents what's gotta be a torturous grind — and BC/BC is out there busting major sweat-soaked ass every day — onstage, backstage, sidestage, at the merch booth — you name it. This band is ON at ALL times!

(Photo: Jen Cray)
It was only 10am in Atlanta, but temperatures already were sweltering  despite overcast skies. And there she was, guitarist / vocalist Jennie Cotterill, enduring numerous trips back and forth — humping carts full of gear, from the bus-lined back lot, across the amphitheater property, to wherever the Hard Rock stage happened to be located that day. Yet, strolling along casually, with her long braided blue / black hair pulled aside under a fun-looking floppy hat and her face hidden behind groovy dark shades, the Michigan native and respected art designer somehow makes the daily regimen look effortless almost.

(Photo: Jen Cray)
As for Linh Le, the former Reach Around Rodeo Clowns and Skinny Titties bassist serves as BC/BC's "wild card" — the member who I had most feared meeting. In fact, to look her in the eye is like staring directly into a crystal blue kaleidoscope of diagnosed craziness. However, unlike some rock stars, Le has never (yet) even threatened to punch me — not once. I've seen all the greats David Lee Roth, Paul Stanley, Lemmy, Chrissie, Pete, Keith, Joan, Dee Dee, the list goes on and on. And at the risk of compromising my already disreputable reputation by tipping more sacred cows, I maintain boldly that after seeing her onstage several times this summer, Linh Le is THE single most exciting live performer  EVER. I said it. I meant it. And I'll stand by it.

Me and Diana getting super-sweaty
in Orlando with Bad Cop / Bad Cop.
As an old guy who's been in the game for a very long time, I possess the uncanny ability to distinguish shit from Shinola quite easily. As a result, I'm also uniquely qualified to spot a great rock band from ten miles away. And in short, Bad Cop / Bad Cop is simply a superb rock band with world-class songs. That is all.

-Christopher Long
(July 2017)

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