Friday, June 16, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Jule Vera "Waiting on the Sun"

Jule Vera
Waiting on the Sun
(Weekday Records / Sony Music)

It was back in the late '80s
when I asked a (then) up-
and-coming indie artist to
classify his band's style. The
annoyed singer / songwriter
replied, "We aren't rock
band. We aren't a pop band.
We're a music band."

With the release of their 2017 sophomore set, Jule Vera have moved forward stylistically from the straight-ahead, guitar-driven rock sound of their 2015 debut. And in the process, the kids from Lee County now defy genre description — they've become a "music band." 

Capturing a charm factor reminiscent of a classic Fleetwood Mac record, Waiting on the Sun is a well-rounded collection of well-produced, well-crafted songs — one in which the "best" track is pretty much whichever one happens to be playing at the time. In other words, it boasts highlights galore.

Jule Vera frontchick Ansley Newman

Released last March, the infectious lead off single "Lifeline" was the first indication that record #2 would be, different. And while "Show Me" and "10,000 Hours" also point to the band's maturing style, the irresistible earworm "Bad Company," the engaging, ukulele-driven "Porch Swing" and the intoxicating, Beatles-flavored "Cruel Life" provide what's known in the porn biz as "money shots."

And the news for Jule Vera gets even better. The super-hooky, show tune-style "Something Good" and the piano-driven ballad "Waiting" not only are the record's two shiniest highlights, but they also are career bests — placing Jule Vera at a sweet VIP table in today's popular music "Champagne Room." (A+)

-Christopher Long
(June 2017)

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