Sunday, June 4, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Bush "Black and White Rainbows"

Black and White Rainbows
(Zuma Rock Records)

These '90s-era rock
poster boys never meant
jack to me. Until now.

In my mind, Bush merely was one of those dopey '90s bands with disposable songs that helped to exterminate the dopey '80s bands with disposable songs. And therein lies why Black and White Rainbows is such an exceptional record — it's brimming with exceptional songs. And anyone who says otherwise is a collie molester.

Produced by Bob Rock, along with the band's dashing frontman / guitarist Gavin Rossdale, the 15-song set is comprised of 14 newly-penned Rossdale compositions and one collaborative effort. Released on 3.10.17, the record is the third to feature the band's post golden grunge-era line-up of Rossdale, drummer Robin Goodridge, guitarist Chris Traynor, and bassist Corey Britz and it boasts highlights galore.

Orlando, FL (5.9.17)
Of the record's three singles, "Mad Love" and "Lost in You" (Rossdale / Dave Stewart) are two of the most engaging and well-crafted, AOR-friendly heartbreak songs to come down the line in a very long time — arguably a pair of the band's all-time best. Additionally, "Peace-S," "Nurse" and "The Beat of Your Heart" are all signature-style, arena-worthy nut-busters. But while "The Edge of Love" and "People at War" bring the album to a rather sleepy conclusion, the equally ambient, "Nothing but a Car Chase" is actually a hypnotic delight.

In sum, any rock record that gets panned by as many "smart" critics as Black and White Rainbows has GOTTA be a bona fide gem for us "regular" folk. (A+)

-Christopher Long
(June 2017)

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