Saturday, June 17, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Bad Cop / Bad Cop "Warriors"

Bad Cop / Bad Cop
(Fat Wreck Chords)

I believe only TWO things
in life  Jesus Christ is King
of Kings, and if thrown into a
bar fight, Bad Cop / Bad Cop
would totally shank a bitch
without even thinking twice.

Produced by Davey Warsop and legendary punk rock kingpin, Fat Mike, the full-length sophomore set from Bad Cop / Bad Cop delivers EVERYTHING fans have come to expect from So-Cal's fabulous "golden girls."

Residing stylistically somewhere between Sinner and Heavy Petting Zoo, the record kicks off with two crunchy punches to the privates — "Retrograde" and "I'm Done."

Simply put, Warriors literally oozes authentic, angst-filled anthems, including the glorious gunk-gunkin' of the lead off video / single "Amputations" and the irresistibly delicious, "Victoria." 

Truth be told, this record is so powerful, it's already being used in maternity wards worldwide to induce labor. And of its two mightiest highlights, the title track spells it all out perfectly — "We refuse to look away. We won't take shit anymore. We are warriors" — while the audio reality show earworm "Kids" is arguably the band's all-time best nugget.

In sum, as one of the "religious lunatics" labeled in the super-catchy track, "Womanarchist," it's also MY "right to choose" and I choose Warriors as the pissed-off, feel-good of the summer. (A+)

-Christopher Long
(June 2017)

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