Saturday, May 13, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Sweet Chaos "Sweet Chaos"

Sweet Chaos
Sweet Chaos

My old buddy Bryan called
me recently. "I just saw this
cool band playing in Dallas,"
he revealed in short order.

Intrigued by Bryan's enthusiastic endorsement, I sought out the new "cool" band online ASAP — the teenage Texas trio known as Sweet Chaos. I soon discovered a video for their song, "Irrelevant" I was hooked immediately. And in no time, I'd gotten a copy of the band's newly-released, self-titled, self-produced EP.

Recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studios in Dallas, all four songs were written and performed by Sweet Chaos. Be sure, I didn't connect with this record because of the band members' ages and (or) gender that's all irrelevant to me (no pun intended). I connected with this record because it's a solid chunk of lo-fi, Camaro-style, cock rock. And yes, that is a compliment, BTW.

The record kicks off with the demo-caliber "Sinking," but it progresses nicely, both musically and production-wise, track-by-track through the riveting closer, "Losing Teeth." Simply put, think The Runaways, circa '76.

Sydney and Sara)
As a side note, I realize many of today's teens feel as if they're uniquely complicated and hopelessly broken. Hence, I wanna offer up a personal word of heartfelt encouragement to young people everywhere. And that message is HEY, you're ALL beautiful and wonderful creations of God, with amazing futures ahead! Life ain't a nightmare that's crap created in the pit of Hell, and it's typically the result of consuming too much of current culture's "Kool-Aid" — garbage in, garbage out. Oh, and just so ya know, none of you are "insane"  it's the wicked world in which we live that's messed up — you're perfect in every way. Now, get out there and be bold, be awesome. Speak truth and beam golden light into this dark world. In other words — go kick some freaking ass!

But I digress. The primary point I want convey here is that I totally "get" Sweet Chaos. This is an exciting record — one I liked, a lot. And with a slightly redirected message, this band could become the leaders of their generation.

-Christopher Long
(May 2017)

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