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CONCERT REVIEW: 21 to Burn, Oblivious Signal and Bleeding in Stereo (5.6.17)

21 to Burn
Oblivious Signal
Bleeding in Stereo
Siggy's - Palm Bay, FL (5.6.17)

Such a monstrous show — a
raucous onslaught featuring
three of Florida's top bands.

An estimated crowd of 200 heavy rock fans packed Siggy's in Palm Bay, Florida for the recent triple-bill concert event featuring Sunshine State favorites, 21 to BurnOblivious Signal and Bleeding in Stereo.

Amid intense flame-like lighting shooting through blasting smoke, Jacksonville's own Bleeding in Stereo hit the stage hard just before 10pm. The four-piece combo's 45-minute progressive metal set leaned heavily on their successful debut full-length record, Waiting to Crash — including such fan favorites as "Break the Negative" and the YouTube-trending title track. Other highlights included the acoustic-based "Distance" from their first record and the crushing, kick-driven set-closer, "Pressure."

Jeremy Destin of Bleeding in Stereo
"Siggy's, get your hands up!" commanded Oblivious Signal's fiery frontchick Cristina Feliciano as she led her Fort Lauderdale-based brigade into a sweat-soaked 40-minute romp. It had been nearly a year since the hard-driving quartet last played Siggy's, and club regulars were clearly happy to have them back. Feliciano, along with shirtless bassist Greg Andrews, guitarist Nick Orisino and drummer Jason Talley plowed through a plethora of popular tracks from their current record, Exordium, including "Home," "Decode," the video hit "Crash," and their thrilling finale, "Retribution."

Cristina Feliciano of Oblivious Signal
A longtime Siggy's staple, Melbourne's 21 to Burn has been working their acclaimed debut record, Two to the Chest, diligently for the last year. Tonight's show proved further to also be an unofficial introduction of their newest member, drummer Kevin Ciarelli. 

Justin Weir of 21 to Burn
Launching their high-energy set shortly after midnight, guitarist / frontman Justiin Weir wasted little time in leading his pack from the show-opening "Here We Go," into the crowd-pleasing "Inside My Head." The 60-minute cavalcade also featured their hard-hitting hit single, "Wait & See" and closed with a pair of riveting remakes — Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" and Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole." And the crowd goes wild!

-Christopher Long
(May 2017)

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