Monday, May 15, 2017

BRENT JENSEN: Red Hot Author Launches Riveting New Podcast

Red Hot Author Launches
Riveting New Podcast

Fun fact  people possessing
deep personal passion for
music love engaging with
others who possess a deep
personal passion for music.

His backdrop and characters alter from title to title. However, the common thread running through Brent Jensen's books is his unique knack for personal storytelling. And many of those stories are based on his connections to people who are passionate about music.

Although the title of Jensen's new podcast points to his 2012 debut, No Sleep Til Sudbury, the premise of the show is driven by his third book, All My Favourite People Are Broken. The laugh-out-loud page-turner chronicles a getaway weekend reunion of two college buddies — an excursion fueled by excessive alcohol consumption, reckless drug use, unabashed junk food inhalation and a non-stop inebriated analysis of music.

Jensen with bestselling
author, Chuck Klosterman.
The popular podcast debuted earlier this month, and despite the (perceived) absence of libations, the show is incredibly intoxicating, nonetheless. Featuring compelling conversations with the famous and the not-so-famous, Jensen's array of fascinating guests all reveal (with honest transparency) their personal passion for music — or as the show's subtitle suggests, they "talk about the songs that make their skin vibrate,"

Jensen with Cinderella
frontman, Tom Keifer.
For the immediate future, Jensen plans to simply move forward, delivering the kind of content his audience has come to crave, including more marquee names — a guest list that will feature even a few platinum-selling rocks stars. Hmm.

Jensen's reported long haul vision is to develop a documentary version of No Sleep Til Sudbury — a production based on his many amazing conversations from the show — one which will speak to the universal power of music. (Podcast Website / Jensen on Amazon)

-Christopher Long
(May 2017)

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