Monday, April 17, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Belmont "Between You & Me"

Between You & Me
(Mutant League Records)

There I was, chillin' and watchin'
some tube, when my14-year-old
compadre bursts into the room.
"You gotta check out this band!"
he wailed. "Why, do they suck?"
inquired. "No, dude!" he fired
back. "They're called Belmont
and they're freakin' amazing!"

With the release of their latest EP, Chicago's very own Belmont has served-up quite a tasty little entrée — one of the most exciting new records to come down the pike in recent months.

Tearing several pages from the Taking Back Sunday playbook, Between You & Me oozes endless DGD-style shredding pinned to engaging vocals, peppered with just enough "dirts" as to not cost 'em their "man card." Lyrically deep and musically cutting, guitarist Sam Patt suggested recently that the songs, "echo the sentiments of youth."

Kicking it off and knocking it down in just two minutes and change, "731" truly delivers the goods and makes for a spirited video. However, I would argue that it's the record's even more nut-busting second track, "Solitude," that should have been positioned as the opener — first impressions, yo.

"Shackles" is the type of tune that sets the big boys apart from the wannabes, and it's undoubtedly one of the most powerfully moving songs I've heard since Blue October first gripped me back in 2006. Simply put, "Shackles" serves a tremendous testament to Belmont's superb songwriting skills

Despite taking a full minute to "get to it," the tune "Overstepping" is a gloriously guitar-driven, Yellow Card-flavored gem, while "Minuscule" brings the EP to a rock-solid, bone-crushing conclusion.

A Five-Star effort, to be sure.

-Christopher Long
(April 2017)

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