Thursday, April 6, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Bad Cop / Bad Cop "Not Sorry"

Bad Cop / Bad Cop
Not Sorry
(2015 Fat Wreck Chords)

I'm so sorry I missed the
bus when this treasure was
released originally in 2015.
Um, better late than never?

Produced by co-founding NOFX bassist and all 'round punk rock kingpin, Fat Mike, the full-length debut from California golden girls Bad Cop / Bad Cop boasts 13 hook-laden, cast iron nut-busters that meet all my favorite "C" word requirements — they're all "crisp," "crunchy," "catchy," "concise," and "clever." My other favorite "C' word — "cookie," isn't applicable here.

Kicking off with a recognizable nod to the Three Stooges, "Nightmare" oozes what seems to be a sweet sentiment. However, lurking beneath the infectious harmonies and the irresistible melody lies a testimonial to dysfunctional love — lyrics that could have been written by more than one of my ex's. Frightening, to be sure — yet totally satisfying.

As a (very) longtime nightclub DJ, I know the realities of the bar biz quite well. Hence, "Cheers" is another track that speaks to me on a very personal level — By light of day it´s hard not to notice, just how filthy this place can be. The smell of bleach and cheap shots, drowning out my ugly company. On a very personal level, indeed.

(Stacey Dee, Linh Le, Jennie Cotterill, Myra Gallarza)
Addressing the disgusting, disturbing, and all too real subject of domestic violence, "Sugarcane" is perhaps the record's most important tune. Bursting with delightful, NOFX-style gusto, this happy-sounding little number actually packs a powerful lyrical punch — a message that needs to be heard. And while I don't subscribe (necessarily) to answering to physical violence with more physical violence, I do believe that much of this song's message is spot-on — GET UP! GET OUT! GET ON! Pick a new life. One you´d be proud of! GET UP! GET OUT! GET ON! In this world, nothing´s impossible! FYI, you truly ARE worth (much) more than you can dream to think — and don't forget it!

Other highlights include the sorta "I Will Survive"-inspired, "Old Dogs" and the chest-thumping, "Like, Seriously?" While this one promotes language that's less than family-friendly, I must confess that my eardrums are in fact, extremely wet. A+ (Fat Wreck Chords)

-Christopher Long
(April 2017)

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