Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The "Guru" Turns Seven!

In the immortal words
of Frosty the Snowman,
Yes, my little "Guru"
is sure growing up fast.

It's a story I've shared before — so many times, in fact, most of my longtime readers can probably recite it themselves. But for those who have only recently discovered this groovy little piece of cyber real estate, let me start from the beginning...

I was still living in the mid 1990s during the early 2000s — writing entertainment features for various print publications and developing a few different potential book projects. Even in 2009, I still hadn't grasped the full concept of building an online audience. But by 2010 I'd finally signed my first book deal, and both my agent and publisher were encouraging me to step up my Internet marketing efforts. As a result, The Show Biz Guru was soon born.

My first book signing
appearance in 2010.
Given my lack of savvy in those days, this site was initially little more than an extension of my existing social media platforms — offering links to my reviews, personal appearance updates and details on what I might be doing in my personal life on any particular weekend. In fact, I was so out of touch, I didn't even consider a catchy or concise name for my site. I just threw out what was an inside joke at the time between me and a business colleague.

I hadn't given much thought to my lack of compelling content. My website was lame and boring, but so what  I didn't think anyone actually was coming here — the "Guru" existed only as a means of appeasing "my people." However, after about six months, I figured out how to determine the site's traffic stats. Apparently people from all around the world were, in fact, visiting — and the further I stretched to create quality content, the more my audience grew — and grew and grew. 

Teenage writer Bryce Willey is a favorite
frequent Show Biz Guru contributor.
From a smorgasbord of entertainment-related reviews to an array of faith and family-focused features, The Show Biz Guru now boasts a cavalcade of cultural commentary created by not only myself, but also from a proverbial rogues' gallery of guest contributors. And as we now move into year #8, I want to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by over the years and taken the time to read our work, leave occasional comments and has helped to spread the word.

-Christopher Long
(April 2017)

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