Monday, January 30, 2017

RECORD REVIEW: Good Luck Audrey "Miss Understood, The EP"

Good Luck Audrey
Miss Understood, The EP

What? A crunchy collection
of sweat-soaked songs from
a gang of angst-filled teens?

Produced by David Mikeal, the debut record from Central Florida's alterno-punk poster chicks, Good Luck Audrey arrived at the usual online outlets on January 9th. Let's dive in and have a looksie.

Simply put, Miss Understood proves to be a gloriously seductive lo-fi treat. Kicking off with the Evanescence-flavored "Machine," this six-song set sounds and smells authentic from start to finish — raw and seemingly honest rock tunes, all likely cooked-up in a sweaty garage by hungry, disenfranchised teenagers chasing their dreams.

While "Judgment Day" and "Paranoia" both succeed in recreating Veruca Salt's '90s-tinged vibe and energy, "Miss Understood" stands out lyrically as arguably the most important track on the record providing a passionate, tongue-in-cheek message, fired straight at the their teenage target audience You better get in line. Don’t stand out. Don’t speak your mind. Fit in with everybody else. Never draw attention to yourself.

Good Luck Audrey
However, for my money, the most powerful track is the record-closing, "Still Alive." Although I'm way too old and out of touch to grasp the secret "youth gone wild" meaning behind the complicated poetry, this song somehow moves me. Consisting of what sounds like a duet between co-vocalist / guitarists Landin Krewe and Jordan Greaves, pinned delicately to a gorgeous piano backdrop and peppered lightly with ambient acoustic guitar, this is the kinda song that separates the "big girls" from the "wannabes." BRAVO!

In sum, if the "powers that be" were to get a hold of this record, Good Luck Audrey would be a well-deserved shoo-in for this year's Vans Warped Tour. Just sayin'.

-Christopher Long
(January 2017)


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