Tuesday, January 17, 2017


La La Land

More than a month following
its official U.S. release, this
celebrated film finally arrived
at a cineplex in my hometown,
Podunk, Florida. Yee-wew 
next week, we gawn git MTV!

Although Oscar nominations won't be announced for another week, La La Land is a sure-fire shoo-in for "Best Picture." In fact, from The Golden Globes to The Critics' Choice, director Damien Chazelle's modern-day romantic musical already has earned unprecedented accolades. Why? Well...

The answer is a bona fide no-brainer. From bad moms to bad teachers to bad bosses to bad Santas to bad grandpas, audiences have been bludgeoned to death by "BAD" movies — inundated with lowest common denominator trash-type content. As a result, when a film comes along that truly zings — one that looks like candy and feels like sunshine, it's gonna stand out from the frothing pack of filth-filled contenders. And the overwhelming response will be epic.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are
magically delicious together in La La Land.
Simply put, La La Land tells a sweet love story about two pretty people pursuing (and achieving) their dreams in the dog-eat-dog land of LA. And be sure, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are both extremely pretty, and their onscreen chemistry feels honest, pure and real.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll confess that I'd rather watch MSNBC all night long than endure a 90-minute musical — especially one that envelopes a sweet love story. However, La La Land is an absolute treat, boasting a compelling story told by an award-winning cast and oozing engaging songs and super-smooth moves.

In sum, if you're not absolutely on board an invested fully in the first 30 seconds — somebody best be callin' an EMT — 'cuz you're straight-up flat-lining, gangsta!

-Christopher Long
(January 2017)

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