Monday, January 16, 2017

DESTINY'S BEANIES: Florida Designer Launches Fabulous New Fashion Line

Florida Designer Launches
Fabulous New Fashion Line

I've been a hat guy for as long
as I can remember. And I'm
always looking out for super-
fun new hats, caps and beanies.

Six months ago, Destiny Pabon was your semi-typical fresh-faced 16-year-old, focused fully on school, homework, friends, music, cookie dough ice cream — you know, the important things in life. Today, the aspiring artist and all 'round fashionista has become a budding young entrepreneur with a full line of custom designed beanies.

"To escape my feelies, I knit beanies."
-Destiny Pabon

I ordered my own custom Destiny beanie in
classic black, 'cuz I'm straight-up gangsta!

They're the best for your head!

What began merely as an art class assignment in the fall of 2016, is now Destiny's passion in 2017. The Florida-based high school student also has been transformed into a savvy businesswoman — one who works tirelessly, designing and creating her own unique product line, while also carrying with her (at all times), an organized notebook filled with customer info, project details and accounting stats. Savvy AND successful, to be sure. BRAVO!

-Christopher Long
(January 2017)

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