Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CHRIS DILLON: Aspiring Artist Launches GoFundMe Campaign

 Aspiring Artist Launches
GoFundMe Campaign 

Ever hear of patina art?
Prepare to be amazed! 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll confess to being quite frightened by Chris Dillon when we first met at New Jersey's PNC Center back in 2006. I was on tour working for a legendary rock group, and as an acknowledged music biz insider, Dillon had been invited to the band's backstage after-show party. He stood six-feet-tall — arms crossed, with a slight scowl. Sporting a shaved head and boasting biceps the size of HoneyBaked Hams, the fitness guru was an intimidating presence — similar to the genie in The Thief of Bagdad. But in the years following our initial encounter, I've actually come to know Chris Dillon as a kind, compassionate and caring man. He's also an incredible artist.

When I discovered online photos last fall of Dillon's patina (shoe) art, I was intrigued immediately. I'd never heard of patina before, but I found the art form to be fascinating. So, I called Dillon up to get the lowdown.

The amazing patina art of Chris Dillon.
“I’ve always had a passion for fine shoes,” he revealed in short order. “And when I was in need of a new creative outlet a few years back, I discovered the art of shoe patina. I was quickly inspired to learn how to transform shoes. And through years of trial and error, and with continual practice, I started to understand the techniques needed to take shoe patina to the next level.”

Recently, Dillon was accepted by Landry Lacour (the world’s leading patina artist) to participate in an intensive training course set for the spring of 2017 — an opportunity which will place Dillon in a rather precarious financial position. “I will have to leave my job in the U.S. and move temporarily to Brussels, Belgium,” he explains. “The course is not cheap. Plus flights and living expenses have to also be included into the equation.”

Chris Dillon's patina art.
Upon completing the course, Dillon will bring his newly-honed skills back to the States, where there currently are no other patina artists creating work at this level.

In sum, Dillon's recently launched GoFundMe effort will help him to finance this golden opportunity — a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience. A completely worthwhile cause, to be sure.

-Christopher Long
(January 2017)


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