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MY COUNTRY: Check Out My New Radio Show — Launching November 27th!

Check Out My New Radio Show
Launching November 27th!

There are two things in life
for which I possess particular
passion  traditional-style
country music and radio.
Soon, these two passions
will collide in my latest
entertainment venture. And
I'm rolling it all out with a
little help from my friends.

As a kid growing up in Missouri's Ozark Mountains during the late '60s and early '70s, I was raised on traditional, classic country music. Down-home artists such as Glen Campbell, Loretta LynnThe Statler Brothers, Charlie Rich, Buck Owens and Dolly Parton created the authentic soundtrack to my carefree pre-teen days attending various hayrides and hootenannys.

I also was fascinated by radio. And our local DJs were my heroes. As a result, I was thrilled to receive a call recently from Thomas Tritt at Real Country Radio the soon-to-be launched Internet radio network. To my surprise, Tom wasn't seeking my marketing  advice — he was calling to offer me my own classic country radio show. I accepted, post haste.

But what would I call this new weekly two-hour radio program? I thought back immediately to my favorite artists who made the music I loved as a kid — the songs that would comprise my show. The answer came to me in a flash. The name would be  MY COUNTRY with Christopher Long.

Now this is MY country!
I soon began putting together a playlist for my upcoming debut. But one guy does NOT a snappy show make. I was going to need the participation of at least a couple of creative and talented people in order to make the show really zing. So I started thinking about some of the hippest peeps in my circle and I reached out to my friend, Miss May. Having worked with May in various professional settings over the years, I knew that she had a passion for the music, she wasn't microphone-shy, and she would bring sparkling conversation to the show. I also knew that she'd have NO problem busting my chops on-air. In short, May "got it," and she accepted the offer to be my co-host.

I'm thrilled to be working my
fabulous co-host, Miss May.
But I'm an "old dog" who is challenged by the "new tricks" of today. As a result, I would also require the aid of a young, super-savvy production assistant. Introducing my good-lookin', young compadre, Vance. Like Miss May, Vance is one of my best friends and closest confidants. A bit of a tech geek, Vance has a firm grasp of all things media-related and he certainly knows his way around a production facility. We work well together and he's also not afraid to "let me have it" from time to time. Now this is gonna be fun!

DEBUTING 11.27.16
(This is gonna be fun!)
So, what can folks expect when they tune in each week? For starters, loads-o-fun! Our goal is to create a unique "house party" vibe in which listeners will feel right at home — as if they're hanging out with good friends, while we engage the audience with lively and compelling, "anything goes" conversations. But be sure, it's ALL about the music. It's ALL about MY country! Check us out, Sunday nights from 9-11 (EST).

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-Christopher Long
(November 2016)

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