Tuesday, October 4, 2016

HURRICANE MATTHEW: What's In YOUR "Survival Kit?"

What's In YOUR "Survival Kit?"

I thought that we'd dodged the bullet once again — another hurricane season gone by without any significant threat to my east coast Florida area. And then, last week, we were introduced to the rather distant, Hurricane Matthew. But with the (now) Category 4 storm barreling through the Caribbean, the threat of U.S. landfall, particularly for Floridians, seems imminent.

Personally, I possess no sense of fear. I have no concern for my personal safety — I'm protected and completely golden at all times. However, property damage and destruction is a very real concern. In fact, I still haven't rebounded fully, financially or emotionally from the series of devastating storms that hit the Sunshine State back in 2004.

What else does a guy need?
One nice thing about no longer owning much stuff is that it makes bugging-out pretty quick and easy. And with a mandatory evacuation set for my community within the next few hours, I packed up, locked up, hit the ATM, and "got out of Dodge" earlier this afternoon. 

What was in my personal "survival kit?" Very little. My sound equipment already was in storage hence, I merely stuffed a duffel bag with clothing, grabbed some important papers, a couple of photo albums and a few master reels. Then, I  loaded the truly precious cargo into my car — the items that I simply can't live without my KISS, Cheap Trick and Debbie Gibson CD collections. Whew, that was a close call!

This got me to thinking. I began wondering what other people's prized possessions might be. If like me, you had to pack up and jam at a minute's notice, what would be in your "survival kit?" What would you leave behind? Feel free to offer your thoughts in the Comments section below.

And BTW, for those of you in Matthew's path, please play it smart and be safe!

-Christopher Long
(October 2016)

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  1. My most prized possessions can't be moved...My aquariums!

  2. I feel the same, most material possessions can be replaced but the photo albums are a must along with my life long journal!