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C'MON! (Dedication / Foreword / Introduction / Prologue)

My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation
(The 5th Anniversary Edition) 
- Christopher Long -

Dedication / Foreword
Introduction / Prologue

My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation

- Christopher Long -

Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does
not have God’s Son does not have life.
1 John 5:12 (NLT) 

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Genie in the Bottle

Under the Influence

The Initiation

Trial and Error

We’re Not Joking

The Next Big Thing

Life, Death and Butterscotch Pudding

Game Changer

Ice Cream Cake

Damascus Road

Adrenaline Rush

Weapon of Choice

The Final Cut

Bonus 5th Anniversary Finale




To my cousin Dorothy Tillett 
an angel sent by God to save
my life in 2010.



Jeff Blando
Chris and I both used to be part of the Orlando rock scene back in the old days. He was always one of my favorite frontmen and especially my favorite club frontman by far – VERY entertaining!

There’s some GREAT stuff in his testimony. His story really hits home, as I know of those demons that have kept me from wanting to leave my room. It was one of the reasons I quit school. I was scared to death to leave my home, wherever that ended up being. And during those dark times, I was often afraid to fall asleep. Thank GOD for Jesus Christ.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and
timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

Unlike Chris, I wasn’t raised in church, but I had always felt an urging tug on my soul from an early age. I am sometimes tempted and feel like I'm in the predicament which Chris describes – only having one foot in the ring. But through the blood of Jesus Christ and the Grace of GOD, I am reminded daily to KEEP that other foot in the ring. Chris' words in this book have really spoken to me  thanks for the awakening!

Kudos to Chris on his new journey with GOD. I’m glad he’s made the choice and commitment he has.

-Jeff “Blando” Bland
Guitarist for Slaughter and Vince Neil
(November 2011)


My primary writing endeavors in recent years have focused on recounting my personal experiences in the music industry. In fact, despite my proper Christian upbringing, most of my fast-paced life has been consumed by an ever-present desire to achieve fame and fortune in the rock and roll world. Ironically, when I finally attained my long-sought-after success as a 40-something rock author, the realization of my lifelong dream fell short of the expectation.

Following the release of my first book, A Shot of Poison, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. My journey to get there, including the sex, the drugs and the rock and roll, as well as the frustrations, disappointments and ultimate spiritual rebirth, is the basis of this, my second book.

I currently attend East Coast Christian Center (ECCC) located in Merritt Island, Florida. Whenever Senior Pastor Dan Stallbaum, an associate pastor or a guest speaker truly is connecting with a powerful message or statement during a service, you can hear people throughout the congregation passionately responding with the church’s acknowledged buzz word,“C’MON!” Simply put, “C’MON!” is a modern-day version of the old school “Amen” or “Hallelujah!” When I occasionally shared random advance excerpts from this book with ECCC Worship Pastor, Chris Johnson, he often would encourage me by offering an enthusiastic “C’MON!” Thus, a title was born.

I'm still involved in the entertainment business, contributing features and reviews to various print and online publications. However, dishing about rock music and rock stars is far less of a priority in my life these days. I now have something better and more exciting to talk about  the Good News of Jesus Christ!

With Chris Johnson in 2010
So, c’mon! – grab a hot mug of joe and settle in for a rockin’ read. But be sure that despite the spiritual message, I’m not a preacher and I certainly don’t profess to be an expert theologian. I’m just a guy with a story – a story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation

-Christopher Long

P.S. While my stories and accounts are all true, the names of many characters in this book have been changed in an effort to protect the innocent and the guilty – and to keep my mini-van from being keyed!



There I was, having coffee with a childhood friend who I had looked up while back in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri during my first book tour in 2010. I hadn’t seen Brooke since my family relocated to Florida in 1975. But even as a little kid, I realized that she was someone who I would recognize later in life as a “cool chick,” and I was elated to finally reconnect.

This was our first face-to-face experience in 35 years, so naturally we had a lot of catching up to do. Surprisingly, we still had much in common. We had both lost parents over the years and conversely we had both become parents. Brooke and I also now were connected to the writing world and we clearly shared similar political philosophies and spiritual views.

As I was recounting some of the personal experiences that had led to my recent spiritual awakening, Brooke suddenly blurted out, “You know what? You’ve become a preacher!”

With Brooke Dizmang in 2010.
I was so taken aback by Brooke’s ridiculous revelation that coffee nearly shot out of my nose. Sure, I had grown up in church, but since high school my comfort zone had been onstage playing in raunchy rock and roll bands. The notion of me now getting in front of an audience and talking about Jesus was completely implausible.

But Brooke was dead serious. In fact, she further extended to me an invitation to come and share my story with the youth group at her church. “How soon can you return to Springfield?” she eagerly inquired. “Uh, I’m not sure,” I replied with a certain awkwardness. “Well, don’t you dare show up at my church wearing a suit and tie,” she added passionately. “I want the painted fingernails, the hat, the tattoos and all the bling. I want you to show up looking like a rock star!”

While I appreciated the sentiment, the probability of Brooke’s offer ever coming to fruition was about as likely as the Chicago Cubs winning The World Series…


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