Friday, October 14, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: "Unkie Munkie Lives at the Zoo" by Violet Favero

Unkie Munkie
Lives at the Zoo
- Violet Favero -

I applaud artists who are
dedicated to creating kid
-friendly content. Hence,
I was thrilled to receive
the latest in author Violet
Favero's Silly Yaya series.

Author and illustrator, Violet Favero, possesses a pure and honest passion for storytelling — and for kids. Debuting on Amazon in the summer of 2015, her popular Silly Yaya series has entertained young readers nationwide, while also introducing them to several members of her "silly" family. And in the latest installment of her (now) three-part series, we're introduced to perhaps the "silliest" member of her tribe — Unkie Munkie.

Favero's latest is packed with
fun, full-color illustrations.
Here's the skinny. Family member, Lu, meets up with Unkie one day while on a magical adventure to the zoo — and he seems to be quite familiar with his surroundings. But does he actually live at the zoo? Hmm. Maybe he just works there. Maybe he's just a really smart, super-fun guy. I'm still not quite sure. But the adventure certainly is a lot of fun!

-Christopher Long
(October 2016)

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