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GEEZER "VOL. II" - Frontman Unveils New Album Details

Frontman Unveils
New Album Details

I had the unique privilege
of receiving a recent phone
call from Harvey Geezer 
the outspoken frontman
for Miami's #1 super-crunk,
pop-punk sensation, Geezër.
And he was eager to offer
me full disclosure regarding
his band's new (soon-to-
be-released) set, VOL. II.

"The new Geezër record is going to crush kids' skulls," 83-year-old Harvey Geezer commented with considerable confidence at the very beginning of our hour-long conversation. "When our first record, Geezër, dropped last year, all of the young people were straight-up buggin'," the frontman recalled. "But our latest, VOL. II, is SO super-crunk, it's going to bury our debut  right in the cemetery, next to my late wife, Bernice. I think that the sneak peek YouTube clip for our superb remake of Motörhead's classic, '(We Are) The Road Crew,' proves that!"

Geezer in the studio with producer
Brendon Keith Paredes (left).
But it can be said that one "skull-crushing" track does not a "super-crunk" record make. So I asked Harvey about other album highlights. "ALL of the songs are highlights — all eight of them," he shot back with rapid-fire reflexes. "'Smile, Sara Smile' is really fun and punchy," he continued. "It's about a young, real-life gal named Sara who serves me coffee every morning at my local Starbucks. 'Boom Chicka Pop' is also pretty snappy — it's our latest song, and it's about my new bae, Gladys. I like that one because Gladys is super-foxy, and because I think that it sounds a lot like the Metallicats." Our guitar player, Leonard Geezer, likes 'Feelin' Freakie' so much that his wife, Gertie, posted it on the SoundCloud, so that teenagers can hear it before the album is released on August 13th.

Geezër with a "special friend"at
an after-show party in May 2016.
Given that their 2015 debut album was such a "team" effort, I asked Harvey who Geezër brought on board to help out with their latest. "Mr. Brendon (Paredes) is a very nice young man," Harvey confessed. "He makes our songs sound very loud. And since he made our first record so bangin', we asked him to also produce this new record. The young people all liked Miss Sarah Jean Balarezo's pretty back-up singing on Geezër, so we asked her to come back too for VOL. II. We also had the pleasure of working with two new additional back-up singers  Miss Katty Pleasant and Miss Stormy White. They all did lovely jobs."

Geezër 2016
Since first forming, one year ago, Geezër has become known for performing and recording some rather unexpected cover tunes. So I asked Harvey about his band's choices of eclectic remakes. "It's simple," he replied. "We love Motörhead and Cheap Trick, so we've done a couple of their tunes. We also really love The Ramones and The Osmonds — so we've recorded a couple of theirs, too. But on the new album, we've got a crazy-clutch version of Katy Perry's #1 hit, "I Kissed a Girl." The kids are really flippin' out over that one. It's gonna be our first official single from VOL. II, and we'll be shooting the video at the end of July.


Feelin' Freakie
I Kissed a Girl
Smile, Sara Smile
Boom Chicka Pop

She's the One
Me-Me, No-No
Sad Banana
(We Are) The Road Crew

At one point near the end of our conversation, Harvey detoured from the topic of the new album and spoke openly and at great length about Geezër's relationship with their passionate, die hard teenage fans. "We have THE best fans in the world," he declared. "One of our fans is a 13-year-old artist named Liam. In fact, he's SO talented, that when we saw his work, we asked him to design the album cover for VOL. II. Another one of our teenage fans is a guitarist named Vance. We were so impressed with his mad guitar skills that we invited him to the studio to play on the song, 'She's the One' which is pretty cool 'cuz it turned out to be one of the best tracks on the album."

Harvey Geezer, chillin' with teenage
fans at a 2016 Geezer meet-and-greet.
So, what does the long range future look like for Geezer? Well, Harvey has a pretty good idea. "Being rock stars is a full-time job," he began. "We're spending this summer prepping for the new album recording sessions, photo shoots, video shoots and press interviews. Then, after the record is released on August 13th, we'll do a few warm-up dates in the fall, and hopefully be out on tour in early 2017. Heck, we've got a few tracks in the can already for another album — so be looking for GEEZER III to be released next spring. At our age, we don't got time to sit around, shootin' Maalox. We gotta keep kicking maximum ass for the people — while we still can!"

-Christopher Long
(July 2016)


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