Wednesday, June 8, 2016

VIOLET FAVERO: Popular Florida Children's Author Launches Her Latest

Popular Florida Children's
Author Launches Her Latest

I first discovered Violet Favero
through her delightful debut
children's book, Silly Yaya.
And when she made a recent
Florida in-store appearance
near my hometown to launch
her highly-anticipated sequel,
Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya's,
I had to be there. Simply put,

As a kid growing up during the late 1960s, I was introduced to a cast of such captivating characters as Curious GeorgeSam I Am and a crazy fox in socks — characters who sprung to life from the pages of an array of wonderful and engaging children's books. As a parent, I met a host of new friends through my son's favorite books and stories when he was growing up during the mid 1990s.

Over the years, I've maintained a personal passion not only for compelling, quality children's books, but also for the talented authors who possess the ability to bring their unique stories to life through words and illustrations. As a result of that passion, I connected completely with Silly Yaya, the 2015 debut release from Florida-based children's author, Violet Favero. A delightful, colorful picture book that speaks to that loving, one-of-a-kind relationship between children and their grandparents, Silly Yaya centers around the unique nicknames that kids have for their "Yayas" a story with which Favero is all too familiar, as she now has dedicated her life to caring for her own grandchildren. 

Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya's
(Written and illustrated by Violet Favero)
An equally eye-catching page-turner, Favero's 2016 "silly" sequel, Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya's, introduces readers to her entire fun-loving, Greek / Italian-blended family — including my personal favorite character, Unkie Munkie. As Favero explains, the Sunday dinner table is where families come together to share stories about their week, tell bad jokes, share upcoming events, and solve problems. It's a place where everyone is typically all talking at the same time; it's loud and full of love. But best of all, the food is always great! And including her husband, five children, (near) countless grandchildren, aunts uncles and two Italian Greyhounds, the guest list at Favero's real life Sunday dinner table often includes up to 30 people. YIKES!

Violet Favero's May 28th book
launch was a runaway success!
When I finally had the privilege of meeting Favero at her recent in-store book launch in Melbourne, Florida, I connected with her heartfelt love for family and honest passion for storytelling. And as we discussed various aspects of the publishing business, she also revealed many insights to her books' compelling characters. Brimming with enthusiasm, Favero further confessed that while she's excited to be out promoting her current release, she's already plotting out her next book project. Hmm, A Day at the Beach with Silly Yaya? That could be fun. Or maybe, Silly Yaya Goes Shopping? Hey, how about, Silly Yaya Goes to Washington? At this point, it's anyone's guess, as Favero remained somewhat tight-lipped about disclosing too much, too soon. However, as an admitted super-fan, I'll be jazzed to see what "silliness" she's got planned next!

-Christopher Long
(June 2016)

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