Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: "God's Path Toward a Resurrected Marriage" - Sharon V. Migala

God's Path Toward a
Resurrected Marriage
- Sharon V. Migala -
Sweet Psalm Publishing

As someone who's had the
pleasure of meeting author
Sharon Migala previously
and has seen her personal
testimony presentations,
I'd been awaiting her debut
book with great anticipation.

Author Sharon Migala spells out her mission in short order. Before Chapter One even begins, her Dedication says it all — This book is for every heart that ever said, "Help, my marriage is drowning! I don't know what to do..."

When a marriage book opens with the author's personal revelations of how her own marriage was on the skids, you can be sure of an impending "E-Ticket" reading experience. And in her debut release, Migala delivers, from Page One, with honest transparency. "I longed to be a good wife," she confesses. "I just didn't know how."

Packed with insights based on an array of personal experiences and relevant Scriptures, Migala focuses on four key words; transformation, restoration, forgiveness and perhaps the most important, relationship relationship not only as it pertains to husbands, wives and their children, but also as it pertains to our faith journey with Christ. Religion vs. Relationship — there's a big difference, and it provides a primary plank in Migala's platform.

Author Sharon Migala
Migala unpacks seven topics that will surely equip readers to harness complete and loving relationships with their spouses and with God. The book also includes valuable and helpful workbook-type pages with follow-up questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce what's been read.

Moving, deeply personal and 100% on-point, Migala's heartfelt stories nearly brought me to tears, while her words of biblical-based encouragement often gave me chills. And although it's written from a female perspective, seemingly to a primarily female audience, there is much to be gained here for wives and their husbands. In fact, as a guy who's gone through divorce and wrecked countless subsequent relationships, A Resurrected Marriage helped to show me many of the areas in which I've screwed things up over the years, and how even my own marriage was fixable. Lessons learned.

A quick, concise, conversational read, Migala reveals how, ultimately, love covers all. Even if you're blessed with a healthy marriage, that's an important message — one that can impact ALL readers.

-Christopher Long
(June 2016)

God's Path Toward a
Resurrected Marriage
by Sharon V. Migala

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