Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: "Encyclopedia of KISS" by Brett Weiss

Encyclopedia of KISS
- Brett Weiss -
(McFarland Books)

Several newly released
summer reads have come
my way already this season.
And as an admitted, bona
fide KISS freak, the latest
from author Brett Weiss
was right up my alley.

Surprisingly (to me), unlike such other iconic rock acts as Elvis, The Beatles and The Stones, no encyclopedia-type KISS book had ever been published previously. Hence, author Brett Weiss set out on a labor of love mission to fill the void. Exhaustive, expansive and extremely detailed, Weiss delivers a fascinating and fun 236-page factoid treasure trove for die hard fans of the self-proclaimed "Hottest Band in the World."

Opening with an engaging Preface and a well-written, albeit brief band bio, I suspect that the Encyclopedia of KISS will connect quickly with many of Weiss' fellow KISS "evangelists" 'round the way. In fact, back in the old days, Weiss seemingly could have been me, or any one of my closest KISS cronies, as his honest enthusiasm and pure passionate for our "fab four" drips from each page.

Arriving worldwide on May 20, 2016 via McFarland Books, the Encyclopedia of KISS provides a comprehensive A-to-Z listing of all things KISS — and I do mean ALL things — from past and present band members to studio musicians, producers, managers, promoters, booking agents and tour personnel to girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, wives and ex-wives to individual song critiques, album analyses and home video reviews to a complete compilation of television appearances, magazine covers and of course, the near endless string of related merchandise.

In sum, the scope of the Encyclopedia of KISS is of such biblical proportion, that the end result is either mind-numbing or thirst-quenching, depending on one's personal KISS perspective. For a guy like me, it's definitely the latter. 

-Christopher Long
(June 2016)

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