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RECORD OF THE YEAR (2000-2016)


As a super-old dude, I'm a proven
survivor. Over the last 50+ years
I've survived folk rock, acid rock,
punk rock, emo, screamo, dopey
dance trends, hair band high jinx, a
sea of Seattle sewage, and troughs'
worth of hip hop slop. Hence, I'm
uniquely qualified to sniff out the
good stuff — particularly the truly
great records that have dropped
so far during the new millennium.

Whether you download music from iTunes, shuffle archaic CDs, or spin vintage LPs, the term "record" merely implies a collection of recorded songs — regardless of the format. And the following list reflects my personal "Record of the Year" choices for each year so far during the 2000s. You may notice that my personal taste leans toward guitar-driven, crunchy pop / rock, with Buick-sized hooks  created by humans who play actual instruments and sing with their very own human voices. See what'cha think...

Samantha 7

Proving he's (always been)
Poison's true musical MVP,
C.C. DeVille delivered 2000's
"Record of the Year" with the
debut from his short-lived side
project — a blistering record
packed with concise and
crunchy pop / rock songs.
His best work to date!

Listen to "I Wanna Be Famous"


The debut studio effort from the
millennium's most prolific singer /
songwriter would prove to be the
record that ultimately saved my
life a decade following its release.

Listen to "The Word"

Left of Self-Centered

With his debut solo record, the
one-time hair metal heartthrob
rose from the ashes of his last
band project to establish himself
as a modern-day pop messiah.

Listen to "My Way"


From the opening of "Blueside,"
this So-Cal combo hooked me
with their Brian Wilson-like
songwriting at a time when I'd
all but given up on current pop
music. Other highlights include
"Stay Away" and "I'm Shakin'."

Listen to "I'm Shakin'"

Where You Want to Be

A crazy girl turned me on to this
record in '08. Check it out for
yourself. If "Set the Phasers to
the Sun" and "New American
Classic" can't convince you that
it's one of the best rock records
ever, you might wanna have
your pulse checked.

Listen to
"Set Phasers to the Sun"

Greetings from
Imrie House

Not since The Knack hit in 1979
had I crunched on such a tasty
treat. Featuring the hooky hits
"Just the Girl" and "Catch Your
Wave," this treasure landed in
the Top 20. Co-written by KISS
frontman,Paul Stanley, "Angel
to You (Devil to Me)" is another
of the record's many highlights.

Listen to "Just the Girl"


Simply put, Justin Furstenfeld
is a total genius. These songs
are so unique — so brilliantly
beautiful that it still hurts my
soul to listen to the record —
nearly a decade following its
release. The perfect testament
to the power of music. Bravo!

Listen to "Into the Ocean"

Because of the Times

The last great KOL record before
Caleb Followill began enunciating
and subsequently being discovered
and embraced by Nickelback fans.

Listen to "Fans"

Sycamore Meadows

With his fourth solo effort, singer
songwriter / producer / author,
Butch Walker, created a modern-
day equivalent of Born to Run.
The crown jewel of his impressive
career-spanning catalog.

Watch "The Weight of Her"


These lil' stankers first hooked me
with "The Reason" in 2004. Then, 
this record hit in 2009. To this day,
still wet myself every time I hear
it. "I Don't Think I Love You," "So
Close, So Far," "All About You,"
"The Letter," "Tears of Yesterday," 
"You're the One" — Fornever sure 
makes me happy not to be dead.

Listen to "Tears of Yesterday"

Wake Me

Snappy and happy. Catchy and crunchy.
One of my all-time favorites!

Invisible Empires

Groves' most "relaxed" record to date,
however, easily the best of 2011.

Listen to "Eyes on the Prize"

This is Love

Read my official review HERE.

Watch "This is Love"

Volume 3

Read my official review HERE.

Watch "Clould've Been Your Girl"

All the Ways You
Let Me Down

Read my official review HERE.

Watch "I Miss You"

Friendly Enemies

Read my official review HERE.

Watch "Light the Night"

Everybody Wants

Read my official review HERE.

Watch "Put Your Money on Me"

I hope that you've had fun with this feature. I sure had fun putting it together. I also hope that you may have discovered some great new music. And of course, feel free to share your personal choices and comments.

-Christopher Long
(May 2016)

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